What Is Affiliate Marketing – Super Affiliate System Review 2020


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Make Money Online At Home


MILLION$$$ Paid Out To Affiliates Every Year

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is an online program that teaches people what is affiliate marketing and how to make money online at home by promoting products (affiliate marketing) using email lists, JV ads, Facebook ad traffic, Youtube ad traffic, SEO review forums, and high-converting Google PPC deals, even with cold traffic. It’s a course that will help you build a very profitable business online. 


John Crestani

Super Affiliate System

Here’s What A Successful Promo Looks Like In Clickbank

Notice the sales velocity. Our followup email sequences usually DOUBLE the number of sales we got from the live show, so we highly encourage you to send the followup mailings obviously!!!

This webinar was done with a JV partner that had roughly 121 people live at the close. Roughly 180 people were peak attendance.

Twenty-three sales (19%) on the live webinar and 37 sales happened during the email followup sequence (1.5x) using the swipes provided.

what is affiliate marketing

Feedback From Students

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing

What Will You Learn Inside The Super Affiliate System?


Week One: Complete Affiliate Marketing System Setup Course

Start earning commissions in the course’s first week by following the simple video tutorials shown on John’s computer step-by-step.

  • How To Join An Affiliate Network: You will have access to the Clickbank affiliate network and how to set up and use your account will be walked through, step-by-step. Clickbank will be the organization that will audit you and pays you all the commissions you’re going to earn.
  • Setting Up Your Website: In order to promote goods on ad networks such as Google and Facebook, we will show you step by step how to set up your presell account.
  • Facebook Ad Setup: You’ll see how to set up step-by-step Facebook ads in the best possible way to start earning Quick commissions.
  • Common Setup Mistakes: We will show you the common errors or obstacles that affiliate marketers create and how to prevent them in the setup process.
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A review of the covered material and a gift to finish the preparation!

Week Two: How To Set Up Affiliate Commissions by Placing Ads on Google Course

Learn how to gain commissions by putting ads through Google’s website search and display network that helps you to sell products to billions of people worldwide.

  • Google Search Ads Setup: The best and most successful way to advertise on Google will be shown. If you are an affiliate marketer, you will start earning commissions by tapping items that Google searches on a daily basis through high-intense buyers.
  • Google Display Ads Setup: Discover how with Google Display Ads, you can scale the marketing campaigns to hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands of dollars a day. One of the most hidden ways to get customers and traffic to your affiliate links, and least understood.
  • Google Ads Conversion Pixel Setup: Know how to set up proper monitoring so you can find out what ad messages are costing you money so you can earn more while investing less.
  • Common Google Ads Mistakes: You will be shown the common errors or challenges that affiliate marketers are creating with Google Ads and how they can be prevented.
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and ANOTHER gift for completion of the training!

Week Three: Make Serious Money using Youtube Ads Course

Youtube is the fastest growing, least understood the place to advertise on the internet, yet the most lucrative. Learn several ways to create 10x ROIs by inserting ads on Youtube.

  • How To Place Your First Ad On Youtube: Learn my easy 4-step advertisement program for Youtube. You won’t want to miss my clarification of the secret checkbox I’m displaying at 8:08 that triples the ROI once you uncheck it.
  • How To Setup Your Channel Page for Maximum ROI: This is an easy but important process to ensure that your advertisements are shown to Youtube users.
  • The Best Way to Find Your Video to Advertise: Unless you see the targeting approach I’ll demonstrate at 10:56 in this video, you won’t be able to scale up to $1000 + in commissions per day.
  • How and Why We Exclude Mobile Devices: Youtube’s smartphone audience accounts for 80% of total usage, but unless you know how to exclude it, 80% of your money will be wasted! Discover why eliminating mobile video ads is so critical, and precisely what affiliate WILL NOT work on mobile video advertising and which WILL.
  • 8 Youtube Advertising Mistakes to AVOID: There are eight errors you can make when setting up your video ads, but they’re easy to avoid, and I’ll show you how to prevent them.
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and another MASSIVE gift for completion of the training! This is the best bonus, and it’s worth the entire course investment itself.

Week Four: Turn Social Media Into an Affiliate Profit Powerhouse Course

  • Start using social media advertisements on sites like Facebook into an additional income source using our step-by-step guides on how to set up ads for users to make money.
  • Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics: Read about my ultra-coveted 1-5-10 Facebook advertising strategy that has helped me make millions of dollars and profit consistently in any niche I hit.
  • How to Keep Your Ads Compliant: It is understood that Facebook disapproves and forbids affiliate ads. See my foolproof method never to get an account banned again, and take advantage of the PDF tool I provide in this video that costs thousands of dollars to make, but guarantees you will never again lose an account.
  • Easy Facebook Tracking Pixel Setup: There’s no more obvious way to set up a Facebook monitoring pixel than you’re going to see here; make sure you’re never wasting a dime on ads that don’t transform your company into income.
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A rundown of the protected content and an outstanding reward gift given to me by one of my mentors. Save this and listen to it in its entirety on your computer or audio device if you want to be successful.

Week Five: Creating a 24/7/365 Commission MACHINE Course

A fast and easy way to set up a website that is as simple as clicking on a few buttons is shown to you. Such websites are specially designed to be profit machines, and all you need to do is send visitors with your advertisements to them, and in exchange, you can receive money back.

  • How To Setup an Affiliate Website: See me teach you step-by-step on my screen, click-by-click exactly how to set up a website that generates income even if you have zero technical skills and have never set up a website before.
  • How to Split-Test Your Way To Higher Profits: Learn how to make minor changes to your affiliate website in order to give you a huge advantage over other affiliates and see higher profits.3 Website Setup Mistakes to AVOID: I’ll show you the three most popular website configuration errors that you can easily make if you don’t learn, but you can easily avoid them if you do. There’s no need to be overwhelmed with setting up your internet company.
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered and a special gift that will help you become a marketing Jedi.

Week Six: Scaling Your Internet Business to Millions of Dollars Per Year Course

Read about affiliate marketing’s sophisticated strategies that can be used to solidify and secure the money you make from affiliate marketing, so you never have to worry about competition coming after you.

  • What Payout Bumps Are & How To Get Them: Did you know that you can increase your earnings easily without sending more traffic or sales? In this class, I explain how to negotiate higher commissions for yourself to create a competitive advantage for you.
  • How To Scale Your Profitable Ads: The biggest rush you get in affiliate marketing is to get profitable. But the $1000/day profits would be the second-best to boost the early profits to the bear. I’m describing the best way to scale your ad campaigns without losing your ROI.
  • Affiliate Offer Selection Masterclass: Learn how to find the best, highest conversion affiliate deals to encourage fast and free in any niche.
  • Automate Everything: It’s easy to hire others to do it for you once you start making money. My multi-million dollar annual partner network is running on autopilot, and I’m going to show you how you can..
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A review of the material covered and a gift that will change your life forever as a reward for completing this course.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

When it comes to starting your own online business from scratch and learning affiliate marketing with paid advertising, there probably isn’t a better course out there than John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 six week course.

If you’ve been looking to get ahead with your online business career and are serious about making a change in your life, then we seriously recommend John’s affiliate marketing course. Is it going to be easy to succeed? Absolutely NOT. You have to put in the work and treat it like any other business. If affiliate marketing/online business were that easy, then everyone would be doing it.

Don’t get us wrong though; it’s not rocket science. The things you have to do in order to be successful with this training are actually simple. What’s difficult is having the discipline to be consistent and show up every single day to learn from the training. More important than that is having the persistence every day to IMPLEMENT what you learn in the training, not take no for an answer and continue pushing forward until you succeed.

If you are willing to commit and can take some time every single day to work on your affiliate marketing business with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.o guiding you all the way to the finish line, then this is for you.

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