Herbal Remedies – The Lost Book Of Remedies Review 2020


herbal remedies

Nature is full of surprises. We humans may boast of being a master of all, but in reality, we know only the fraction of nature’s vast collection of knowledge. Imagine any problem, physical or mental, and dig a little deeper, and you will find that in nature itself, answers have been found. Simply put, each problem has its solution in nature; in accepting and searching for herbal remedies, we need to be open.

The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies is all about the pursuit of natural remedy search and plants for medicine use for all the ailments. It is now universally accepted that thousands of medicinal plants can help heal and cure many of the daily diseases. It is in the pharmaceutical companies ‘ interest to keep you in the dark about the benefits of natural therapies in order to prosper. Imagine a situation when you have access to a medicinal plant database with identifying, benefiting, and consumption information. How much this will damage the pharmaceutical majors ‘ multi-billion dollar interest.

The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies Review will help you understand the book’s content and composition so you can make the smart decision. This 300-page book has all the ingredients to destroy the entire medical industry as it brings you back to nature to find the solution by natural remedies. It’s all about raising awareness of the resources available in nature to combat any problems. This book is a repository of medicinal plant knowledge, its benefits, and use for specific prevention and cures. If you’re looking for an alternative to hundreds of side-effects prescription medications, read the book.

herbal remedies

What is The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies?

herbal remedies

herbal remedies

The idea behind this book is to raise awareness about possible solutions with herbal remedies in nature. The first step in this direction is to help you identify natural herbs and plants for medicine use so that the desired remedies can be found. Written by Claude Davis, this book is a repository of information possible in specified geographies on all medicinal plants. The book gives you the titles, photos, properties, and benefits to recognize. This allows you to be correct in defining because any mistake can have significant repercussions. Interestingly, this book explains the use of plants in detail with details as to whether or not it is edible for a particular purpose.

When you are in a crisis situation, and any available medical help is far from reaching it, it is of immense value. It helps you find solutions before medications strike you for a particular situation. It allows you to survive and recover the lost ground in plain words. This book helps you learn about many things, including treating herbal burns, controlling diabetes naturally, and finding a solution to stress and depression among several other problems. Not only that, but it takes you a step forward and teaches you how to grow, harvest, mix, and use each plant.

The medicinal plant is a complicated area because it requires studying botany as well as understanding biochemistry and medical science to find a strong correlation to explain one or the other plant remedy. The author has made it as simple as possible to get all the plant-related information. He categorized plants based on where they could be found, such as Trees and Shrubs, Nationwide Plants, Forests and Woodlands, Household Remedies, Backyard Weeds, Wild Plants in Great Plains, Coastal Tropical, Water Loving Plants.

Within each category, plants are alphabetically followed by the potential benefits that these plants could offer. By the symptoms of ailments like fever, flu, snake bite, a heart condition, etc., you can access a specific section of the book. Thankfully, there are details on how to grow these plants in your locality.

What Will You Get From The Book?

Just name any daily ailments such as flu, fever, bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts, bites, hair loss, weight loss, fertility, tiredness, agility, skin disease, The Lost Book of Remedies is there for you to find the right plant remedies.

The 300-page eBook has been so beautifully compiled that without much effort, you can access a similar subject. You can buy this either to download the eBook to your laptop or to order the hardcover book.

Anything you buy, you will get the same content in the same way, and, of course, finding relevant content in the digital version would be much more comfortable. You’re not going to have to wait and get instant access to the book just like other digital products.

Wherever you want, you can keep it on your Pc, smartphone, or tablet. It’s easier to get an eBook in this smartphone era as you can access it anywhere, anytime.

The book contains a wealth of information on how to treat various medicinal plant conditions.

The book explains how to use plant remedies as a replacement for traditional medicines since most common medications function like natural remedies.

Medicinal plants keep you away from the harm you are getting in the form of conventional medicine from external chemicals.

This book also shows you how to use herbal remedies in your regular diet.

Pros And Cons


  • This book is amazing in terms of presentation on how to use medicinal plants.
  • The natural habitat information of a specific plant is fantastic.
  • It covers all major ailments and links them to specific plant remedies.
  • It is a vast repository of information from several generations.
  • This book teaches you how to grow specific plants in a particular condition.
  • It is focused on looking towards nature in seeking remedial solutions.
  • You get a 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • You have the option of both digital and hardcover.
  • You have bonuses to grow your plant knowledge base further


  • You have to read the book thoroughly. You cannot use it as a referential dictionary.
  • You have to rely on your learning and experimentation to find the right remedies.
  • You might feel tempted to find every possible solution in this book.


In the category of medicinal plants, the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is the best you can get, mainly if the focus is on applicability. The problem is that the doctor avoids giving you the same mixture of herbs to find a solution for any particular condition.

Putting forward the family tradition, the author leaves it up to you to learn the basics of medicinal plants and bring your knowledge to the next generation.

From recognition, through processing to target diseases, you get all possible information. In this era, when our world is facing an existential crisis, it is better to learn about and conserve the basics of natural resources so that we can use them in the right context and scale.

 It is highly likely that advancement in technology will help in finding better remedies using a natural resource in the future. Buy this book to compile and grow vast knowledge of medicinal plants to find better natural remedies.

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