The Best Online Games – Review 2020


Due to the recent COVID-19 situation, we spend most of the time in our homes. Almost everyone has been surviving on internet shows, games, and other entertainment stuff from youngsters to seniors.

If you are bored with your old gaming collection, now it’s time to bring some spice in your life. We will discuss the best online games in 2020 that you can start playing right away.

Online games are a more popular community these days due to interactive gameplay and capturing storylines. If you are also in the hunt for the best online games to play right away, you are going to love this guide.

We have been receiving many queries about top-rated games that you can play online, so we decided to do this article. So, let’s see which games are best suited for online game lovers.

What Game Should I Play Next?

This list of top online games will be equally useful for beginners and pro players. No matter how much gaming experience you have, there are always some new releases you are unaware of. Our primary focus will be the top games that are voted by millions of users across the globe.

We have included games that are most popular in the gaming community and have the most downloads and popularity.

How Do We Pick The Best Online Games?

Our editors spend hours searching online gaming forums, reviews sites, and other gaming channels to collect games with the most positive response. We try to pick games that have the most positive reviews and most downloads.

All of these games on this list are liked in different regions and are famous worldwide. You might have already played some of these games, and some might be new for you.

Your liking and preferences can be different from our editorial staff. We highly encourage you to comment on your most favorite game in the comment sections. We will try to keep our list updated as per the choice of our audience.

Best Online Games In 2020

2020 is almost over, and some games are still going to come out in the upcoming months. These top video games are already available in the market, and millions of players are playing them right now. So, let’s start from the best and most liked online video games of 2020 and 2019:



the best online games 

Platforms: Xbox, Android, PC, iOS

Pricing: $29.99

PUBG is the real treat for Battle Royale game lovers. It has almost everything that any gamer can ever wish for including, amazing graphics, interactive storylines, actions, gameplay, and maps.

PUBG is pure addiction, and you are going to spend hundreds of hours playing this game like crazy. The story begins with 100 players dropped on different locations. Players start searching for guns, tools, vehicles, and equipment to survive the hunt. Most of the players like to play in teams, and everyone from the opponent team will try to kill you to loot your guns and tools. The survivor team of players is the winner of the game.

This game is quite popular on all devices. You can play it on almost any device as the popularity is increasing day by day. If you have not played this game, download it right now. Ask your friends to join you, and this is going to be real fun.



the best online games


Platforms: PC, MacBook, Nintendo, iOS, and Android

Pricing: Free, but you will have to pay for World Campaign

Survival games have always been a real thrill for the action lovers. If you are a PUBG fan, this game is going to be a real competition. Fortnite is another Battle Royale game with some colorful and cartoonish characters. The open-world gameplay can keep you busy for hours.

You will be playing against tens of other players and teams, which will be real fun. The mobile version will come soon on the Android Store, but there is no confirmation about the releasing date or any other event. You can download Fortnite for mobile from the official website.

This game is perfect for all audiences, and we highly recommend Fortnite as one of the best online games to play in 2020. You can play against human players and computers too.



the best online games

Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pricing: Free to play

Apex Legends saw the light last year as PUBG was making history in the action gaming line. The developers decided to make Apex Legends a lot more attractive and added additional features. They did well with the game development as Apex Legends game shows up on almost every list of best online games to play.

The gameplay and action stunts are unique, and it feels more like a science fantasy movie with a lot of action and futuristic guns. The marketing of this game was not aggressive like other products, but it was so good that it resulted in being the best game in no time across all platforms. Make sure that you have some spare time because you will love Apex Legends for many reasons.



the best online games

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Pricing: $49

Colorful graphics and characters have been the biggest attraction for all gamers. Fortnite and Overwatch made history as both have some flashy graphics to brighten your day. Every character of this best online game comes with a back story to learn why every character is doing the part.

Whether you want the best shooting game or want to enjoy the strategic gameplay, Overwatch is the right piece for you. Not many games have such a fantastic combo of different worlds. Characters get other powers along with advanced weapons. Players have to meet some objectives to complete the game. There is a lot to say about this best online game, but trying it today would be even better.



Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Pricing: $59.99

If you are one of Dark Souls Series lovers, then delete some useless stuff from your PC right now! Dark Souls 3 is already here, and you should install it right away. It is a fact that gameplay is not as challenging as the previously released games yet the improvements are impressive.

The combat system is too complicated, and it is a fact that you are not going to complete the game soon. You should be patient to master the art of action gameplay in this best action online game, and you will be dead more than once in this game.

Developers of Dark Souls 3 specially optimized this game for better performance on PC, and there are countless features you will experience. As compared to the previous games, Dark Souls 3 is a far better option for game lovers.



Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Pricing: $60

In the world of multiplayer online games, No Man’s Sky holds a superior position. This game is about a vast world where characters can do unlimited actions, movements, and strategic moves. No Man’s Sky places random players in different positions, and then you will have to form teams in the space.

The graphics are unbelievable, and it feels like you are playing on some other planet in real-time. There are several missions and tasks that every player has to complete as a team and individually.


DoTA 2

Platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux

Pricing: Free

You might have heard about DoTA 2 in the news, as there are many worldwide tournaments in this game. In the MOBA world, the DoTA series is the unquestionable leader. DoTA 2 is the second part of the series, and it requires an in-depth strategic approach to win and play the game like a pro. Even if you are a rookie, you will find this game quite interesting as there are built-in tutorials for beginners.

You will play in the team formation of 5 players against the other five players. The goal is to destroy the other team with different strategic and intelligent moves. If you wish to enjoy the game’s real spirit, play in teams, as there are higher chances of team formation to succeed.

DoTA 2 is free, and you don’t need a monster PC. It is all about strategies and your understanding of the gameplay. If you think you like to implement different strategies while playing, try this best online strategy game.



Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Pricing: $14.99

How can we miss Counter-Strike? Counter-Strike, also known as CS, is the best and most favorite all-time first-person shooting game. This game earned fame and popularity in no time, and even in 2020, there are millions of die-hard fans of CS: GO. It is an online multiplayer shooting game where you get to team up with different players.

The story of the game revolved around the terrorist group, which attends to plant a deadly bomb. The counter-terrorist team must neutralize the bomb or kill the terrorists before they plant the bomb. CS requires good shooting skills and a strategic approach for winning games. You can play this game for free if you have availed the offer or buy it online.



Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS 4

Pricing: $49.99

COD has been the first love of millions of action gamers across the globe. Call of Duty is the first-ever game for most players. COD series always have been hit games. In 2018, developers released Call of Duty 4, and fans jumped right into playing it like crazy.

The Black Ops 4 version is more like PUBG and Fortnite, where you will enjoy Battle Royale gameplay. Now, you can play COD with your friends and other online players like many other shooting games. This release has the largest open-world map in the series, and this is why it would be an injustice to skip COD 4 on the list of best online shooting games.

Players compete against other players, and survival is the real key here. The last player standing will be the winner. You can search for different items that will help you progress, and you can equip your character with guns and survival kits.

This classic game is here to stay for a long time, so every gamer should join the large community of Call of Duty fans. 



Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pricing: $9.99

Battlefield 1 is pure love as the gameplay, graphics, and controls are out of this world. The action shooting community respects it due to the insane storyline and graphics. The game is about different battles of World War 1 through the soldiers’ eyes. Battlefield has also won the award for the best action gameplay and the storyline.

From sound effects to the graphics, developers have put real effort into this masterpiece. The campaign mode will keep you busy for hours, and you won’t get bored playing this amazing action shooting game. If you are a COD and CS fan, this is another fantastic game to play online with friends.



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