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Online marketing is taking some serious turns as the audience’s preferences are shifting. A few years back, big companies published detailed user manuals and promotional articles. Users liked that kind of content back then. Things changed, and users started preferring visual content and text reader. That’s the point where videos became a crucial channel of marketing.

Most marketers and business managers could arrange graphical contents and visuals, but the problem was the voice over. Not everyone is good at recording voice to explain something. Even for foreign businesses, it became challenging to target the diversity of the audience. Businesses with no graphical and video content started losing clients due to the lack of promotions.

Videos And Audio Contents For Business Promotion

Brands and businesses need video marketing campaigns, and for that purpose, brands need a voice, a voice that the audience loves. It’s easier for users to watch and listen compared to reading. Brands can also use video and audio content for better conversions.

When the users find video and audio content more explanatory and informational, it is easier for them to decide whether to make a purchase or not. Well, marketers admit that visual and audible contents are beneficial for both brands and audiences.

Problems Faced By Video Content Marketers

In eCommerce, video contents are the foundation of your business. You have to explain the benefits of your products to the users. Your audience wants to know more about the services, and your offers and long articles are not going to work here. Finding a good video or visual content is not a real challenge, but the process starts getting messy when you have to do voice over.

Being a content marketer, I admit that finding a good voice over artists is the biggest challenge these days. Even if you are lucky enough to find a good voice over artist, get ready to pay a fortune for minutes of work. Voice-over artists charge thousands of dollars for minor projects.

Expensive Cost Of The Voice-Over Services

Imagine you have found a reasonable person to record his voice for your project or video. The next challenge is to pay for the services. Do you know how much does it cost to have a 5-minutes-text recorded in an audio file?

You might be thinking of finding a cheap voice-over expert on freelancing sites for $10, $25, or $50, but you will get disappointed by the sellers. First of all, if you have spent enough time and money on video making, never go for cheap voice-over services.

Poor voice can ruin your whole video’s impact, and a passionate audio narration can make a big difference. So, as per Google search, a 5-minutes project will cost you almost $275. Don’t be excited as this is the cost for the mediocre service of a small project.

Imagine you need this service for daily projects. You will be spending thousands on text to speech services only. There must be an affordable and economical solution.

What Are The Text Reader Tools?

text reader

Marketers found a way to cut the voice-over costs with automated text reader tools. These tools are programmed to turn any written text into speech by using an automated voice. Generally, you can easily identify the narration that text reader tools create. All tools out there, free or paid, use the same robotic voice that is too irritating to the human ears.

Problems With Typical Text Reader Tools

Although these free text reader tools can convert text to audio, yet these are not the preferred alternatives; here are some problems with these robotic texts to speech converters:

  • The voice is too mechanical to be appreciated by the real human audience
  • The use of automated sounds takes away the originality
  • Users want to listen to human voices instead of robotic audios
  • These free text reader tools don’t add the desired passion and the human touch
  • Converted audio does not deliver the desired message
  • Text to voice tools may not deliver accuracy and precision like a human reader

How To Convert Text To Audio Speech Like Human Voice?

As the paid artists are costly and automated text to audio tools are not very useful, how can you convert text to voice? The answer is pretty simple. AI-powered text reader tools can turn any text or blog into audio, just like a human narrator.

Yes, AI-powered converters can turn any text into audio with a human-like voice. This concept might be new to you, but millions are already using these human voice-like tools for their business.

Best Human Voice-Like Text Reader Converter

text reader

You probably want the short solution for all of your text conversion needs, so; go for Speechelo as the best text reader tool with the human voice. Are you still confused? Just stay with us as we will explain everything in detail so you can start making amazing videos without paying for expensive voice-over services.

What Is Speechelo Text Reader?

Speechelo is the state of the art, premium, and AI-powered text to audio converter tool that features 100% human-sounding voices. Unlike all other paid and free tools, you don’t need to stick to one weird sound as you have countless options for different languages and regions. If you have a diverse audience from different areas, then Speechelo is a single tool that can fulfill all of your voice-over needs.

Speechelo is the new player in the game with AI features that transform the text into speech with such clarity that no one will feel the difference. Thousands of users trust the accurate services of Speechelo, and you might have already listened to Speechelo-generated audio even without noticing.



What Can You Do With Speechelo?

Speechelo can do anything that you expect from a team of 100 voice-over experts from all over the world. If you want to target a global audience, you need the message in different languages for male and female audiences. So, Speechelo offers built-in male and female voices for most languages around the globe.

You can convert any text into human-sounding audio by using a male or female narrator in many languages. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to using Speechelo.

Speechelo is the only AI-based TTS converter tool that can add inflections in the speech just like the human reader. With this rare functionality, you get the same feel as a real human speaking. 

Features Of Speechelo

text reader

You need more than just a simple text to audio converter, and that’s why here are some additional features by the developers for the users:

  • You can quickly transform any short or long text into human-sounding speech with Speechelo
  • 30 different human-sounding voices with different accents
  • Both male and female voices for various languages
  • Make audio more convincing with different tones: serious, joyful, and normal tone
  • Add inflections in the audio for the real human touch
  • An affordable tool with flexible payment plans
  • Supports 23 languages along with English
  • Use Speechelo with all other video creation tools and platforms

How To Transform Text To Human-Like Voice?

Speechelo app serves both professional and entry-level users. If you have never heard of Speechelo, still, you won’t face any difficulty while using this tool. The UI is pretty simple and straightforward. There are no technicalities involved, and all features are easily accessible.

If you want to convert text to speech or any blog to an audio file, you have to follow three simple steps:

Paste Your Text

Once you have subscribed, you have to open your account and paste the blog or the text in the given window. You can use any lengthy paragraph or blog for the conversion.

Choose Voice

Once you uploaded the text, choose the language and the human voice. You can select male or female voices depending upon your target audience. Every human-sounding voice features a specific accent, so you are free to make suitable choices.

Generate and Download Audio File

After choosing the voice, you need to start the transformation, and here you have a human-like voice-over within seconds. You can listen to the sound and download the audio file for use in any other video or visual content.

Where Can You Use Speechelo Voiceover?

text reader

With the Speechelo voice-over app, you can make any video where you don’t want to use your voice or the artist’s services. Almost every video out there has some voice or narration. So, the scope of the Speechelo application is beyond imagination. Practically every marketer in every niche can use Speechelo features.

Here are some applications where you can use Speechelo:

  1. Create sales video and promotional content with Speechelo
  2. Add voice-over for training videos and the tutorials.
  3. Make educational contents with the Speechelo voice-over
  4. Create video for eCommerce store and businesses

For any video where you need a voice, Speechelo is your best option. We all can write, but we all cannot sound like Morgan Freeman. So, add Speechelo to your marketing kit and boost sales and conversions with powerful tools like Speechelo.



Who Can Use Speechelo?

Every marketer, content creator, video producer, promotional ad maker, blogger, and freelancer should have Speechelo. Apart from the problems with the robotic voices, here are some other reasons where the TTS tool seems like the only viable option:

  • The target audience is from another country with a different language.
  • It would help if you had various voices for both male and female audiences
  • Lack of recording setup and equipment
  • Need audio narration in multiple languages
  • Cannot afford to pay for expensive services
  • You are not comfortable with your voice quality or the accent

Why Speechelo Better Than Other Alternatives?

It will be unfair to say that Speechelo is the only speech to audio converter available. There are hundreds of tools with free or paid subscriptions. When it comes to human-sounding audio convertors, Speechelo is the best option you got.

Hundreds of features make Speechelo the best AI-powered human-sounding text to speech converter, and here are some top reasons:

AI-Based Tool With Inflections

Speechelo app is using artificial intelligence so that the tool can understand the intent of the text. The app is automatically adding the appropriate ups and downs of the speech tone, and the voice seems more passionate and enthusiastic thanks to the advanced features.

Human-Sounding Voices

The robotic voice has always been the biggest con in all other tools. Speechelo is the only tool where the audience cannot find identity, whether it is a human voice or any automated robot speaking. These human-sounding voices add more value to your promotional content and help to land more sales.

30 Different Human-Like Voices

Whether you want a nice American lady to narrate the content or an Indian girl with an Asian accent, Speechelo can do it all. There is a wide range of different human-like voices you can use for your videos.

Support For 23 Languages

Speechelo is the most affordable tool to convert any text or blog into 23 different languages. Instead of wasting days and thousands of dollars on the expensive services, convert blogs into audio with a single click.

Speechelo Pricing And Cost

If you read the Speechelo review right now, you are lucky enough to benefit from the amazing Speechelo discount. Speechelo offers a whopping 53% discount, and you can get access to Speechelo >>> FOR $47 ONLY!!!

With a one-time payment of $47, you get lifetime access to all the premium features of Speechelo with many other bonuses. With no monthly fees and hidden charges, a $47 Speechelo subscription can change your business and marketing game forever.

Speechelo Text Reader – The Final Verdict 

AI is the future, and sticking to old and typical tools and methods won’t take you anywhere. In the era of technology and fierce competition, you need to be smart enough to think outside the box.

Speechelo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the results, you can always claim for a refund. There is nothing to lose with such a unique and unbelievable deal. Go and try the best text to speech converter of 2020.

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