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Water Freedom System Review

potable waterIs this Chris Burns guide worth the money? Is it really working? Potable water is the most vital element in human survival. Without it, you can’t live for more than a couple of days, and most people require at least a couple of liters per day to stay healthy. In several situations, this number rises, as if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, in a warm climate, or are physically active, etc.

Just enough to say, to stay alive, you need to consume water regularly, and this is quite a sobering thought— given all the potable water shortages that are happening around the world. The Water Freedom System shows how you can generate a clean potable water supply wherever you live.

It is a detailed course that teaches you why it is necessary to have your own water supply, the challenges that many countries face with a water supply, and how to store and purify water during a crisis properly. So keep reading this review of the Water Freedom System if you want to protect yourself and the people you love when an emergency happens.


Features of the Course


The Water Freedom System explains a simple method of creating clean potable water, using the air around you, in basically any environment. It is an original and scientifically proven approach, used by many people to generate up to 60 gallons of water a day… even in the desert…

potable water

This method’s simplicity is the principal selling point of it. Anybody can do it, even if their resources are low. This guide teaches you how to produce a contraption that turns even the most contaminated water into clean, fresh water you can drink. After purchasing this course, you will get a thorough guide that will teach you the basics of how to get through drought by producing your own clean water.

potable waterpotable water

You’ll also get several cheat sheets with clear directions and a full list of materials you need. The instructions included with the course are written clearly, so you won’t have any problem understanding them. There are four Ebooks included in the course as well, and the books reveal a range of survival techniques for use in a crisis. Those are:

Essential Bartering Guide –This ebook teaches you how to barter in emergencies effectively. It specifies what goods and items you need to survive. Bartering is something that our ancestors used to do on a daily basis. It’s a useful survival tool in an extreme situation that you can take advantage of too.

The Ultimate Greenhouse Manual – shows how to maintain a greenhouse when a drought occurs. It shows you various types of vegetables that can be grown in scarce water environments.

The Black Survival Guide -This fascinating Ebook provides advice on how to survive after a serious event, such as drought or famine. It’s filled with useful tips for ensuring your family’s safety in such circumstances.

Home Defense Guide -This Ebook explains the measures you need to take to protect your property during an emergency. It will protect your loved ones and your home from dangerous situations, and from people trying to plunder your resources.

About the Course Creator

Chris Burns created The Water Freedom System. He is a fifty-seven-year-old farmer, dad, and husband. He suffered a devastating drought a few years ago, and someone stole his emergency potable water supply.

This incident made him determined to find out how to safely store and produce water in the future to survive a similar crisis. Chris has an uncle who worked as a military researcher. He was intrigued to learn about one of his uncle’s projects, regarding a portable generator that could extract water from the atmosphere. After speaking to him, Chris realized that producing a regular supply of clean water himself would be simple.

He also realized that other people could benefit from this knowledge, given the uncertain times we live in. He created this course to help everyone keep their families hydrated and secure, in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Benefits of the Course

This course is an invaluable guide to survival, revealing practical, easy-to-follow steps to create your own clean water supply. With water shortages rising worldwide, this is the perfect time to acquire such information.

Unlike other similar courses, this one does not require you to spend huge sums of money on expensive equipment or to hire professionals to put things together. Several courses are teaching different methods of distillation, but most of them do not produce drinkable water. You are advised to invest in wells by other courses, but these eventually dry up over time, so they are not sustainable.

A truly innovative approach is taught by the Water Freedom System to create a contraction that generates clean, potable water. This course has streamlined the entire water production process and made it easy for everyone to access a fresh water supply. It doesn’t require any experience, and with just a few cheap materials, you can complete all the steps. That gives you peace of mind because if you ever experience a drought, you will have everything you need to survive, up to 60 gallons of water a day!

You won’t have to rely on others to support, as you can produce your own clean water on request. Crime frequently rises during times of crisis because of the shortage of law enforcement. This course teaches you how to deal with criminals and looters, so it will not affect your loved ones.

You’ll be pleased to find all the content is incredibly straightforward in the course. Within twenty-four hours, most people can create a water generation device. However, if you encounter any problems related to the course, you can message customer support for a quick reply.


-The course comes with both audio and written instructions, which makes learning more convenient.
-After assembly, the device is light and portable, and you can use it daily.
-60-day money-back guarantee.
-The course is very easy to understand.
-You can reduce the cost of your water bills by as much as 90%.
-The course teaches you a valuable skill, which will keep you and your loved ones alive in the event of a drought.
-24/7 customer support provided to address problems or questions related to the course.
-The water-producing device is lightweight and usable in any environment.
-It costs under $270 to make the device, and you can assemble it in under sixty minutes.


-Results are not guaranteed.
-While the instructions are simple to understand, the effectiveness of the assembled device still depends on the user’s skills.
-The course instructions are only available in English.

What Others are Saying

There are many positive testimonials about the Water Freedom System coming from customers Several review sites awarding it a five-star rating, based on ease of use, customer support, and effectiveness. It has taught a large number of people how to generate their own clean potable water supply without any outside support.

Numerous buyers of this course say the instructions are clear and work as promised. There are plenty of testimonials from real customers, who have gained total water independence.

Final Thoughts

A great deal of effort, time and technical/scientific expertise is needed to develop a functional water production system. The Water Freedom System offers the average person a practical way to create clean water, without having to bother with it. The course designer goes out of his way to describe everything in easy steps which can be followed even by non-technical customers.

Hardly any resources of money are needed to complete the course, so if you want to be ready for a water shortage, it is a great product to purchase. To date, the course has helped a lot of people, and you can also benefit from it. It isn’t full of untested theory, as opposed to other similar courses. The approach it explains allows you to be independent of traditional water sources.

Water is not easily accessible in many countries, and you need to learn how to protect your loved ones if disaster strikes – with climate change an ever-growing concern.

The various ebooks included with the course help you survive a prolonged water shortage – which, if unprepared, could be disastrous. This course comes with a 5/5 star rating, highly recommended thanks to its affordable price and two-month refund guarantee.

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