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Natural Medicine  For A Variety Of Conditions


Technological advancements have come with various changes in all sectors of society—the most notable ones in industries and health. Initially, natural medicine is the primary resource for most drug-producing industries today.

It was also the case at the turn of the 21st century—more than 10% of medicines produced considered natural products. Quinine, codeine, and morphine are some of the drugs put to an extended scale of usage. These drugs also produced from plants.

Recognition that natural remedies have a role to play in modern medicine is a positive step towards ensuring a healthier and more affordable pharmaceutical prescription. Every system has its failures. Just like the side-effects, you are likely to experience in modern medication in the form of pills; herbs also have their extremes; therefore, an extensive study regarding their safe usage is necessary.

natural medicine

In The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies, Nicole Apelian draws some of the most applied herbs and their uses. Moreover, she documents these substances basing on her research, which she embarked on after suffering MS – an autoimmune condition that left her bedridden and helpless from the modern pill.

She began a quest to find a natural cure, and along that journey, she came up hundreds of other remedies that she derived from herbs, spices, and shrubs that grew freely in our farms, behind outhouses, in the fields, forests, etc.

As a result of this, this article seeks to tear a page into Nicole’s world by giving you some of the solutions that she registered. Stay vigilant of poisonous plants, dangerous ones, and those that have no evidence of healing. Read on and find out more:

Turmeric In Natural Medicine


natural medicineMany know this plant as a spice. It is a herb originating from India, where people have been using it as an alternative medicine for centuries.

Turmeric comes in an original deep orange color that you will have an easy time noticing it, among other substances on the shelf. People believe that this plant has anti-cancer abilities. Also, studies hint at turmeric having the ability to prevent genetic mutations. 

Furthermore, the spice is an anti-inflammatory regimen such that it is taken by people with arthritis to relieve the swelling and pain. It is also ideal for cooking by providing its antioxidant property to prevent the development of visceral fats in the abdomen that may lead to obesity or even worse diabetes type-II.

In other terms, turmeric is a perfect preventative drug for diabetes. Apelian uses this substance extensively in making salves to keep many autoimmune conditions at bay. Moreover, you can use this herb for cosmetic purposes, especially for skin treatment.

Evening Primrose In Natural Medicine


natural medicineVarious studies associate this herb by treating different types of infections, depression, digestive problems, high blood pressure, etc. This plant has a vibrant yellow color. Research pins it to be able to treat skin conditions such as eczema and PMS. Moreover, the evening primrose oil alleviates inflammatory infections, diabetic neuropathy, and atopic dermatitis.

Nicole uses this oil by mixing with other herbs for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Other notable conditions that the oil helps include polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause-related symptoms, blood pressure, etc. These flowers are also called moonflowers, for they bloom as the sunsets.


Lavender In Natural Medicine


natural medicineIt is a purple aromatic flower used mostly to relieve anxiety. Studies have shown that lavender can heighten one’s cognitive performance and lighten their mood. Most people prefer using lavender in tea or coffee in the morning as a beverage.

Furthermore, lavender is used as a sedative and has anti-inflammatory benefits. It can be used in aromatherapy as well. However, you should dilute lavender before applying it to the skin for safety purposes. Notably, you can use lavender for anxiety, stress, blood sugar, and migraines.


Chamomile In Natural Medicine


natural medicineChamomile is a famous flavoring agent used mostly in teas. What people don’t know is the medical side of it. It is known to have anti-anxiety benefits and a hoard of many other properties.

However, the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder is in the top drawer. Potentially, this herb can treat cancer. However, more research needed to ascertain its role in oncological treatment.


Flaxseed In Natural Medicine


natural medicineThis herbal solution is available in both oil and seed forms. It is majorly used in dietary supplements, for it has extensive benefits in this area. The most notable ones, however, include anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation properties.

The seeds are safe for consumption and have no side effects. Moreover, there is extensive use of flaxseed in diets to prevent obesity, blood pressure, and colon cancer.


Gingko In Natural Medicine


herbs listThe healing properties of this plant are in its leaf. Chinese medicine uses those extracts for centuries. Its applications vary from treating respiratory conditions to mental disorders, up to autoimmune complications. Ginkgo leaf extracts can help treat the following conditions :

– Asthma

– Prevent dementia

– Bronchitis

– Alzheimer’s disease                                             

– Tinnitus

– Diabetes                                                            

– Fatigue

– Eye health

– Bone disease                                                  

Seed extracts of ginkgo plant are toxic and may cause death when used in large amounts.

St. John’s Wort In Natural Medicine


herbs listThere are a lot of studies about the suitability of this herb. Most concur that it is useful when used as an antidepressant. Therefore, people are using this plant in the treatment of anxiety, stress, etc. Furthermore, Apelian mixed this herb to make a tincture which she used to cure rheumatoid arthritis.


Echinacea In Natural Medicine


herbs listThe usage of this flower is in teas, juice, and other remedies. The extracts of this plant come in the form of powders and supplements used to relieve the common cold and boost one’s immune system. Although the herb is safe for consumption, it had mild side effects, which you should lookout. Those side effects include allergic reactions and stomach upset.


Oregano In Natural Medicine


herbs listOregano is a small scrubby herbaceous plant with soft and fuzzy textured deep green leaves. The primary use of this herb is to treat respiratory infections such as stuffy nose and coughs. Furthermore, this herb can relieve pains that result from menstrual cramping and operates against microbial infections.


Peppermint In Natural Medicine


herbs listPeppermint is one of the most favorable substances from the mint family used for a full course of uses, including preparing ice-cream, yogurt, and other snacks. Its medicinal properties are, however, applied in the treatment of digestive upset and cases of flu.

Peppermint is also mixed with honey to cure a sore throat. Also, its oil is extracted and applied to the temples to ease headaches and migraines. Moreover, a large peppermint scale has been approved in Germany to manufacture liver and gall bladder curative drugs from it.


Curly Parsley In Natural Medicine


This culinary plant can easily domesticate in the pots around your house or at the front porch. It has serrated leaves that curl up from the stem. Besides, it has a clean flavor that can be accounted for by flavonoids, myristin, apiole, terpinolene, and other components.

These compounds carry the medicinal benefits of the parsley plant. The herb treats urinary tract infections, bladder conditions, gastrointestinal distress, etc. It also induces menstruation.


Valerian In Natural Medicine


The preparation of root beer and food flavoring requires harvested roots of this plant. The medical use of valerian herb is to treat insomnia and anxiety.


Garlic In Natural Medicine


This root is a common spice that you are likely to find in a majority of kitchens globally. Besides its flavor, garlic is a healthy addition to the herbal family and used to treat a range of infections.

Medical studies have settled garlic’s ability to cure some ailments, including blood pressure, lowering LDL cholesterol, and microbial infections. Extensive contents of garlic can affect blood clotting. For this reason, it not suitable to consume before surgery.


Milk Thistle In Natural Medicine


Harvested fruits of this plant find their use for their healing properties. This herb is used in the treatment of liver infections and controlling cholesterol levels in the body. 


Rosemary In Natural Medicine


Rosemary is primarily an antibacterial agent. Usually, mouth wash and disinfectant preparations contain this herb for this reason. It also treats headaches, epilepsy, and poor blood circulation. 


Ginger In Natural Medicine


Just like garlic, ginger is a spice you can find in most kitchens. However, their roots are superior in controlling nausea and sickness. Extensive research on the role it plays in relieving colds and flu is underway; it is also applied to cancer patients to ease nausea caused by chemotherapy.


The Bottom Line


Nicole Apelian highlights a variety of herbs in The Lost Book Of Remedies. The book is about plants and herbs she met in her journeys traversing the world with a singular objective, alleviating people from pill dependency by providing natural alternatives that strengthened one’s immune system and improved their general health.

The herbal interventions in this article are just but a handful, more solutions, and be found in her book of herbal remedies mentioned earlier in the text.

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