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Free Renewable Energy Sources Are Around Us

The use of free energy such as solar panels, giant windmills, and other inventions based on free renewable energy sources are around us for quite a while. Have you ever wondered why are your energy bills getting bigger while maintaining expenses of energy-producing companies have been cut by nearly 50% in the last 20-30 years? Technology has made an enormous step forward, affecting almost every aspect of our life. We couldn’t imagine our life without smartphones, social media, or any technological achievements that we have today.   

With this enormous amounts of innovations,renewable energy sources our bills to energy companies getting bigger and bigger… So, why instead of reducing the bill costs, the electric bills keep growing up? The sad truth is that we became slaves to energy companies because of the simple fact that we mistakenly think we don’t have an alternative.

But this is not entirely true. History shows us many innovative types of research made by very known scientists and scholars, were put under the desk by Patent Office, or their files were classified. Many powerful and influential companies saw them as a threat to their business and wanted to silence them by any means, including death threats or even putting an end to their lives. One of those scientists who wanted to give mankind electricity for free was Thomas Henry Moray.

Thomas Henry Moray

(August 28, 1892 – May 18, 1974) was an inventor from Salt Lake City, Utah. In February 1949, after a 17-year process in discussions with the patent office, he received a US patent 2,460,707. The patent title is “Electrotherapeutic Device,” mentioning radiotherapy but without details. Thomas Henry Moray was one of the most talented electronic circuit designers within the developing radio field during the 1920s.

Following hundreds of experiments designed to enhance radio reception, Moray claimed to have discovered a source of energy transmission available everywhere. He created a power source using advanced ideas in solid-state detectors, which he believed would generate 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. Many people have officially seen examples of this technology by the early 1930s. His invention claimed to be generating electricity with no exterior input of energy. Henry Moray spent a significant portion of his life, traveling the world to try to find more reliable materials for his device.

The device’s principal feature was a non-heated vacuum tube. Most vacuum tubes had inside installed heaters at the time. The Patent Office initially declined to issue its Patent, as it believed that no vacuum tube without a radiator would work. He never had a Patent authorized for his power supply device. He had other inventions, and one of those, the electrotherapeutic device, was able to obtain a patent.

There’s a lot of debate about the science and physics of his invention of electric power supply. During his research of Moray Generator, he and his coworkers were getting death threats. His patents were classified, and it seemed like his fruit of work will never see the light of day.

The Author Of Free Energy Boost

Andrew James, who worked over three decades in a patent office, accidentally stumbled into Moray’s blueprints. He was amazed by the simplicity of it, enabling to generate electricity literally from nothing using background (from space and cosmos) radiation and getting free renewable energy sources, since it’s all around us anytime, anywhere. >>WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE<<

Being a physicist himself, Andrew understood and memorized the blueprints of the device, and after a few tweaks, constructed it. Andrew simplified the design and translated the blueprints to a Plain-English, so it doesn’t require any special technical skills or age restriction to assemble it.

Moray Generator Free Energy Boost – Program Review

renewable energy sourcesMoray’s Generator can power up any of home appliances such as toasters, lamps, refrigerators, AC units, and even a remote cabin in the wilderness. Moray’s Generator is a light, portable device that can work from your basement or backyard. It was tested even in isolated places such as in submarine and on the airplane.

The free energy boost is a step-by-step video guide with color photos and detailed instructions on how to build your free energy generator. Andrew James assembled Moray’s Generator to himself and some of his clients. He is so confident in the efficiency of this device that he offers no- question 60-day money-back guarantee.renewable energy sources

After purchasing the program, you’ll probably need to buy spare parts in any RadioShack store near you for about 55$ as well. It’s a small change compared to buffed energy bills you get every month, and this is the ONLY expense you’ll need. No further maintenance required!!! In return, you can get full energy independence, and on top of that, energy companies will pay you 20-30$ on energy excess in certain cases.

The Benefits of Moray’s Generator:

Easy to maintain – the Generator is sturdy and doesn’t have moving parts, and not easy to break once installed. You don’t need additional maintenance expenses.

Moray’s Generator has been tested and proven to work– Andrew James installed the Generator for himself and his clients successfully, and they enjoy being free from any electrical bills.

Environmental Friendly – Moray’s Generator is an environment-friendly device, as it uses natural sources of energy to produce electricity.

No additional costs – once installed, the Generator won’t need any maintenance costs.

Moray’s Generator is light and portable- so if you are going on camping and still need electricity, even in the wild, the Generator will be the best bet for you.

You’ll have electricity- even if there are power shortages caused by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or during blackouts.

No question 60-day money-back guarantee You risk nothing, and for your peace of mind, Andrew James will give you 60 DAYS to try, and if you’re not satisfied, he will refund your purchase, no questions asked and no hassles are given.

Easy-to-follow and step-by-step video guide and detailed instructions – the assembling doesn’t require any special technical skills, even a child can do it! 

You’ll get free bonuses with your purchase – Moray’s Generator Free Energy Boost comes with three additional bonuses, and they’re completely free!

The only con we found in this program that it’s available only in digital format. 

The Verdict 

Thomas Henry Moray invented Moray Generator in the early 1920s, but it’s still relevant today, thanks to innovative research and being ahead of its time. Andrew James has compiled very thorough and easy instructions on how to assemble a working device which will generate electricity from renewable energy sources. He also tested and installed it in his and his clients’ homes, so it’s proven to be working.

If you still on the hook of big energy fatcats, Moray Generator can be the perfect alternative for you to cut your electric bills almost entirely and even receive paychecks instead of paying them! Besides, there is a no-question 60-day money-back guarantee. With all those, we think Moray Generator Free Energy Boost Program definitely worth a try.

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