How To Survive In Nature – The Lost Ways Review 2020


How To Survive

Human survival in the past has not been the same as we see today. Medications, skyscrapers, vehicles, and other hi-tech inventions came just a few decades ago; how your ancestors used to treat different diseases and how to survive in the jungle? Fun fact is that ancestors were not only healthier, but they also enjoyed a longer life without advanced technologies.

The advancement of technology is undoubtedly beneficial, but the effectiveness of ancient remedies and ways remain unchallenged still. It is good to know that you can buy medicine for almost every disease but have you ever considered the side effects, cost, and availability in urgent times? Well, things are not always going to be in your favor.

Why Do You Need Natural Resources?

How To Survive

If you are one of those few folks who want nature and purity in life, then ancient life methods are perfectly crafted for you. Herbal remedies or natural products have been around from the beginning of human life on planet Earth. Modifications and advancement in technologies offered quick solutions but took away the natural essence.

Imagine we no longer have access to these modern technologies and labs. All the tablets and artificial foods are gone for a reason. How are you supposed to survive and treat the illness? How will you feel relieved from hunger?

When we look at the times when humanity faced a crisis when there was no technology, fruits, and natural herbs were the real healers. Most of the modern treatment methods rely on ancient techniques and remedies. So, don’t you think paying hundreds of dollars for the almost free stuff is unfair?

How To Survive With Limited Resources?

The Internet is full of articles and forums talking about the effectiveness of natural ways to survive. When it comes to finding the ingredients, usage, and safe, natural resources, you won’t find enough help. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of natural herbs as I am also one of the biggest supporters of natural remedies.

The real challenge is finding the right ingredient for the right recipe. You cannot find a trusted source on the Internet for effective natural solutions. If there are some websites, they tend to make the recipes so complicated that you would prefer staying out of all of this stuff.

In reality, preparing recipes and remedies with natural ingredients is easier than said. You can prepare a natural treatment for any known disease at home if you have the proper knowledge.

Nature Is Not Always Safe!

Mother Nature is mysterious. With unlimited useful weeds, herbs, and plants, dangerous and poisonous plants are also grown from the same surface. Some plants and herbs are so full of poison that a single dose can kill a grown man. The only way to stay safe while using natural resources is to rely on trusted resources only.

The Lost Ways- Book Review

How To SurviveAfter reading all of these horrors of the unavailability of advanced technologies, I am seriously thinking about spending the rest of my life in the jungle so I can learn about trees and herbs. My priority is to keep my family safe when it comes to food, shelter, and healthcare.

Unfortunately, we cannot spend our lives in the jungle to learn about natural herbs and natural remedies, but we can seek guidance from the experts.

The Lost Ways is a complete, reliable, and authentic digital book by Claude Davis about survival in natural disasters, famine, or economic downfall. This book is full of natural recipes and survival recipes to cure different diseases. All the practices and recipes rely on ancient teachings used for thousands of years by ancients.

What Is The Lost Ways – How To Survive?

As the name suggests, the book is about recipes and remedies no longer known to modern civilization. It means, The Lost Ways concentrates on teachings that were effective in ancient times, but humankind could not preserve and pass the knowledge to the next generations.

The Lost Ways consist of hundreds of safe, effective, and proven natural practices with readily available products around you. Native Americans have used these remedies and survival hacks; the author also included the ancestors’ knowledge and experience in The Lost Ways.

This one book can help you to survive the crisis without any advanced technology and tools. All the practices are about natural products and ingredients available in your environment, from choosing the right herb for the disease to preparing the final medicine.

Who Is The Author Of The Lost Ways?

How To SurviveYou might have seen him on TV shows talking about survival in crisis and the use of nature for survival. Claude Davis has been living in the woods for the last 30 years with his family. Just like Native Americans and ancestors, his whole life, he uses products from Mother Nature. From food to medical treatments, most of his life depends upon trees, plants, and herbs.

He is from a family where his forefathers experienced the most incredible human-made hunger, where millions of Ukrainians died due to lack of food and medical treatments. His forefathers escaped from that hell and migrated to the USA.

He believes that history repeats itself, so being ready for famines, hunger, and natural disaster is necessary for every man. He writes about his ancestors’ pure experience and knowledge and has been practicing the written remedies and treatments for the last 30 years.

How Can The Lost Ways Help In Disasters?

Life is unpredictable, and you need to prepare for every situation. You might be thinking that life is too peaceful and civilization is too advanced today. Do you know what’s wrong with this approach? Before, people also felt the same, and they never thought or prepared for hard times until the crisis hit them. It’s never too late to start preparing for the harsh times when you have the opportunity. 

You should be ready to enhance with any situation that comes in your way. If something goes wrong with today’s world, you must be prepared to start over with the available resources and survive on natural resources only. This 300-pages book talks about everything that you ever need to know to survive during a crisis. 

Essential Survival Skills For Mankind

The Lost Ways aim to enable humankind to live without the Internet, technology, medications, and other essential facilities and perks of life. Have you ever noticed that people lived a happy and satisfying life without these complicated gadgets a few decades ago?

It means that technology is a luxury, not a necessity. Unfortunately, we are trapped by luxury and have forgotten the art of survival. Most of us don’t even know how to survive even a day without water. Reports and insights suggest that most countries will run out of water in the upcoming five to six years. What are you supposed to do at that time? The Lost Ways can help you to not only survive but also thrive in the dark days.

Why Is Survival Guide Essential?

How To SurviveThe author has only used effective and practical methods in the guide that were used by the ancestors. Instead of talking about theories, Claude Davis talks about the practicality in his book. Old survival tricks and tips were not only effective, but they also discovered the real power of natural resources.

Do you know how to make a candle or cook food without having proper vegetables and spices? An old documentary made me think about survival in the natural disaster, so I decided to give The Lost Ways a try. For me, it’s been the best investment this year. I sincerely pray to God that nothing happens to this world, but I am ready for the worst. 

What Will You Learn From The Lost Ways?

How To Survive

We take life for granted. With no thought of upcoming hard times, we expect that the world will be luxurious and beautiful, but man’s plans fail when nature takes turns. We cannot fight disasters and unfortunate events of nature, but we can learn to survive. Here are some essential survival practices from The Lost Ways, along with additional resources.

Food Recipes

This section deals with the experience and practices of the ancient and Native Americans. You can easily prepare nutritious food by using the guide with ingredients that are naturally available around you. Using simple, easy to find organic products, you can cook a daily meal for all your family.


Animals have been on the top of the list of natural food for humankind. Our ancestors were dependent on animals for meat as a major source of food. You will learn how to capture animals and build effective and practical traps with simple items.


We need shelter in every situation. The age of caves is gone, so we need to build safe and secure homes. You can construct safe and well-built underground dwellings with the help of this book. The construction process is described in detail, and one house can easily accommodate 4-5 people or an average family.


Life on Earth is impossible without water. If we count, water is the biggest blessing of God that we take for granted. You can locate an underground water reservoir with the help of The Lost Ways, and you will also learn ways to find and store clean drinking water.


The Lost Ways talk about several herbs and weeds that are naturally available around you and can be used to treat many diseases. From identifying the right herb to applying it for the treatment, The Lost Ways are your go-to mentor when it comes to survival.


Advanced weapons are not going to last long when things go wrong. Many people survived wars and attacks with limited weaponry by using tactics. The Lost Ways talk about smart ways to build weapons and use the available firepower.

Is The Lost Ways Available In Hard Copy?

After the subscription, you will get a link for the instant download to download and read the book in PDF format. If you want a hard copy of the book, you will have to pay an additional $8.99 for the handling and shipping cost.

The Cost Of The Lost Ways

This unique guide is worth buying, even if it available for thousands of dollars. Luckily, The Lost Ways are available for $37 only. There are no hidden charges except hard copy delivery of the book. If you don’t want a hard copy, you can get lifetime access to The Lost Ways digital copy with a one-time payment.

Is The Lost Ways A Scam?

Most users ask about the product’s legitimacy, and thousands of previous clients vouch for The Lost Ways as they have read the book and tried the trick. There have been no specific complaints about the book’s effectiveness, so The Lost Ways is not a scam in any way. The book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

How To Survive – Final Verdict

I seriously hope that life will proceed in a way we know, but we must be ready for the worse. Unfortunately, natural disasters, famines, flows, and droughts become frequent events. In this case, we need tools that will help us to survive. The Lost Ways show the exact techniques and practices essential for survival on such occasions. A wise man will never compromise on his survival, so it’s time to grab your copy of The Lost Ways. Invest in safety, invest in survival.

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