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How To Increase Vertical Jump – Vert Shock Review 2020


How To Increase Vertical Jump?

If you’re not trying to broaden your hopping scale, you’re not going to know about the Vert Shock. You’ll see how to increase vertical jump in this Vert Shock report.

What makes or breaks a basketball player is the ability to perform vertical jumps with finesse. Due to their effortless aerial leaps, big names like Michael Jordan and Lebron James have gained popularity. Whatever is your basketball move, you have to jump high – whether it’s for blocking a shot, catching a rebound, dunking, or going for a rebound, no matter how good you’re at your game, you’ve got to be able to jump well –it’s vital to the game.

Vert Shock is an Adam Folker and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington training program on how to increase vertical jump. It has been developed as a three-phase step-by-step system to help athletes improve their vertical Jump and make their gaming performance more explosive.

The Vert Shock program (otherwise called the Folder Program) promises to add 9-15 inches in a matter of 8 weeks to your vertical Jump. By using specific high-impact and high-intensity movements, this strengthens the muscles in your legs and improved nervous system. Advanced plyometrics and exercises have used your Type-2 fibers, i.e., your fast-twitch muscle fibers, to be strategically focused.

The general idea behind this is that the faster you make your muscle movements, the more energy you can generate, and the higher you can run.

Now that we have a quick idea about what Vert Shock is all about, let’s go to our Vert Shock Analysis.

Vert Shock Review (Folker System Vert Shock) – How To Increase Vertical Jump

Adam Folker has developed the Vert Shock Program, a pro-basketball player and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, an award-winning dunker and seasoned vertical jumper. They are both reputed individuals in the basketball community, and it was unlikely that they’d come up with a scam product.

You should try Vert Shock as you will find so many good reviews on its official website from users across the world. They have noted that they’ve noticed Adam Folker has built an award-winning dunker and professional vertical jumper, the Vert Shock Software, a pro-basketball player, and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington. Both of them are reputable people in the world of basketball, and it was unlikely that a scam product would come up.

Vert Shock should be tried as you will find so many good reviews from users around the world on its official website. We noted that we found significant benefits from implementing the software and would like to recommend it to others most definitely. Slim product chances let you down everywhere with such high praise.

Vert Shock is perfect for people who don’t like being confined to the gym and who prefer to get their outdoor exercise. This needs no weights or equipment at all, so you can start the program anywhere you like and whenever you want. If you’re trying to strengthen your legs and improve your basketball game – Vert Shock is your best set. It’s perfectly easy for the modern professional.

The program integrates high-intensity advanced plyometric in such a way that it amplifies the neural reaction from a group of muscles. These are muscles of type-IIb or fast-twitch. As these muscles move faster, the whole act of jumping will involve them more.

Great benefits of adopting the plan and would like to recommend it to others most certainly, Slim product chances let you down everywhere with such high praise.

Vert Shock is perfect for people who don’t like being confined to the gym and who prefer to get their outdoor exercise. It requires no weights or tools at all, so you can start the program wherever you want and whenever you want. If you’re trying to strengthen your legs and improve your basketball game – Vert Shock is your best set; it’s perfectly easy for the modern professional.

How to increase vertical jump app incorporates high-intensity advanced plyometric in such a way that it amplifies the neural input from a group of muscles. These are muscles of type-IIb or fast-twitch. As these muscles move faster, the whole act of jumping will involve them more.

Features Overview – Three Phases

The Vert Shock program is divided into three phases:

  1. Pre-Shock
  2. Shock
  3. Post-Shock

It takes you to another dimension where your hands just reached and lost their keys. 

1. The Pre-Shock Phase

The program’s first week is the Pre-Shock process, wherein seven days you will be doing six workouts. This phase’s goal is to prepare you for the next seven weeks.

The first two days are mostly plyometrics thrown in by force and power movements. On the third day, your legs get a rest, and you’re just made to work on your upper body and your core strength.

The fourth day is to rest, and from the top, you repeat the days.

The Pre-Shock phase, however, is the first stage in which the body is amply heated. It only takes one week to prepare your jumps and power them. Men also decided that during this time, they would achieve 1-3 inches of their dunk length.

2. The Shock Phase

The second phase or phase of the shock lasts for six weeks, where you need to practice 4-6 days a week. Your body is put under pressure, and your muscles are constantly encouraged to work against each other.

You must perform various types of exercises with more or less similar numbers of reps. At this point, you should be able to see noticeable changes in the vertical.

This stage’s aim is to sharpen the natural reflexes. Now you may start to feel exhausted and muscle soreness. You should expect the leap to being extended another 7 centimetres.

3. The Post-Shock Phase

The program’s final stage is the Post-Shock period, where you are conscious of your new achievements and allowing your muscles to get used to the neural reaction spike.

That’s the whole program’s last and most demanding process. With an increased number of reps, you need to train six days a week.

Vert Shock Pros and Cons

The numerous pros and cons of moving to Vert Shock will be listed below.


  • There is no need for membership or facilities in the gym.
  • Vert Shock is such a form of exercise that doesn’t require a gym. If you want to save money on expensive gym membership and training equipment, you can do this effectively by doing the green shock exercise in an open space or in your own house. The only thing you’ll need to land on after your jumps is a flat surface. It’s good to have a park bench. For some drills, using a basketball is also useful.
  • Easily accessible.
  • The training program for the Vert Shock has its features designed to make it simple to use. You’re not going to face any trouble navigating the web. The interface is very easy to understand, and everything is very user-friendly. The reason for it is that it can be accessed from any smart device, whether it’s your phone/laptop/tablet. It updates its video properties automatically to give you the best viewing experience.
  • For beginners as well as seasoned athletes.
  • The vertical jump preparation regimen has been designed to support both absolute beginners and experienced sportsmen. If your vertical falls below 35 inches, you will benefit from the beginning and continuing the training routine of the Vert Shock.
  • Speedy results.
  • Vert Shock is renowned for its good results. From the very first week, you will be able to notice improvements in your vertical. The next week will only magnify your profits. This encourages you to get out of bed and see through the routine. You’ve seen the positive results, and now you’re sure it will only deliver more beneficial results for you afterward.
  • The entire program explained lucidly.
  • You don’t have to wonder about the quality of any of its exercise moves when you’re following the Vert Shock plan.
  •  Clear instructions are provided as to why every move is to be done so that with respect to the software, you are not left in the shadows. The training is clearly planned and scheduled for all eight weeks. You are even told of the number of sets/reps you have to do for each exercise. The exercises will be shown in slow motion, and you will be told how not to do an exercise before you go on to try your hand at it.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • The visionaries behind this plan, Adam and Justin, are so optimistic that they offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Absolutely no weight-training.
  • With a routine that is 100% plyometric in nature, not everyone would be comfortable. There are those who want to integrate weight training into the routine, and they do so because there is no provision to prohibit you from doing so. Overtraining, however, is becoming an ongoing concern. If you put too much emphasis on weight training, the jump training aspect of the routine will be impaired. Vert Shock Complex Lifting Routines have been developed by Adam Folker to satisfy the weight trainer needs.
  • Not much information provided.
  • Sure, you’re asked how many times you have to do an exercise and how you can’t do it. Nonetheless, why you are asked to do some exercise is not explained in detail. So, if you’re someone who wants to delve deeply into their fitness’s logic and philosophy, these are probably not the right Vert Shock workouts for you. It would have made the workout plan more appealing overall with a little knowledge about the value of jumping and the scientific help.
  • More suitable for younger people.
  • Older people will find it hard to cope with this program’s fast-changing schedule. We are prone to injury, and they will only be damaged by an extreme system like Vert Shock. Maybe a little strength training will prepare you better to work through the Vert Shock system for your legs in advance.
  • A strict no-no for those recovering from an injury.
  • If, in the recent past, you have suffered an injury, don’t even think about starting with this plan. There may be permanent damage to your bones/ligaments/joints.


What is the Vert Shock Program?

It is a vertical jump training program on how to increase vertical jump.

Who is the Vert Shock Author?

Adam Folker and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington designed the program.

How To Increase Vertical Jump?

Vert Shock claims to add 9-15 inches to your vertical Jump in 8 weeks.

Who needs the Vertical Shock Program?

For slam dunks, athletes who want to raise their jump height and reach the basketball rim could use this system to their advantage.

Is it possible for me to dunk?

For Vert Shock, of course, you will boost your vertical and get closer to your goals of dunking.

Which muscles are used in a vertical jump?

Type 2-fibre muscles in your legs are employed for vertical jumps.

When will I see my gains with Vert Shock?

In the first week of trying out Vert Shock itself, you should begin to see results.

Vert Shock vs. Jump Manual, which is better?

Both of them are equally good.

What if Vert Shock does not work?

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you can prove that Vert Shock has not worked for you.


It is clear that this program is a genuine article, given the tools and activities on how to increase vertical jump. Saying this does not mean that there are no deficiencies; simply, the method of obtaining it basically sucks.

Vert Shock is the plan for you if you are looking for how to increase vertical jump. It’s quick and effective, and from the very first week of starting this program, you’ll experience gains.

Though, due to safety concerns, it is not recommended for older and disabled people to continue this plan. A number of plyometric gestures are used by the machine, and these may not be useful to older people with weakened joints.

Built by two famous names in the basketball scene, Adam Folker and Justin Darlington, Vert Shock is secure and reliable. For those who worry about a lack of program results, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Vert Shock mainly focuses on your leg nerves and Type 2 fibre muscles in order to increase the speed of your leg movement, which in turn allows you to bring more strength and go for higher jumps. The eight-week program in your vertical requires a rise of 9-15 inches. Try Vert Shock and see the effects for yourself if you’re a seasoned basketballer looking to improve your dunking skills.


Many alternative change training programs are available on the market, such as the Vert Shock Complex Training Routines for those partial to weight training. Like Justin Workout, Thincpro Change is also an important jump training exercise.

One of the first notable jump training drills is the older well-established Jump Manual. It is a jump training scheme that is more descriptive, less jump-oriented. Both the Jump Manual and the Vert Shock are renowned for their usefulness.

If you’re looking to try something new and simple, though, you should probably go for Vert Shock. You will know how to increase vertical jump, which makes it much easier for you to hit the basket rim. So far, if you’ve been humiliated with your dunks, let Vert Shock help you improve these and be the best basketball player you can be. I hope that these experiences of the Vert Shock helped.

If you want to purchase Vert-Shock – go to

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