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Every woman asks this question at least once in her life, whether she is in a complicated relationship, close to a breakup, or simply lonely: How to manage a healthy relationship? What first dating questions should I ask? How to unleash his romantic instincts? How to get your ex back?

Don’t worry; you are not alone! The author of His Secret Obsession, James Bauer, is a psychologist, dating and relationship expert with more than 12 years of experience.

He created a program that claims to make your man crave you and love you as you always wanted; all women want a man who will love and cherish them without a reason.

He is the author of a bestselling book entitled What Men Secretly Want.

What Is His Secret Obsession?


By now, we all know that the excellent relationship guide for His Secret Obsession is written specifically for women. Now the question arises, what sort of women are targeted by the e-book of His Hidden Obsession?
Okay, if you’re a woman who identifies with more than one of the definitions below, His Secret Obsession is almost perfect to be exactly what you need!

how to get your ex back

  1. You’re not number one in his life; his mind is occupied by other desires.
  2. You’re afraid he’s losing interest.
  3. Even though he is kind and gentle, he is not interested in talking together about the future.
  4. You doubt commitment, while you feel that he can leave you at any time.
  5. You are uncomfortable with your relationship’s insufficient control. You keep quiet while he’s doing whatever he wants because you’re afraid he’s going to leave you.
  6. You’re a lot more enthusiastic than him, and you need to initiate everything.
  7. Your previous relationships have been a disaster, but you have no idea as to why it happened.
  8. You were unsuccessful in finding your ideal man who would do everything just keeping you happy.
  9. He makes constant reasons for missing appointments.
  10. That’s right. You want to engage directly in the attraction process, you have a crush on with this ideal man.
  11. Your relationship has hit a plateau and no progress has been made.
This is not a complete list, but only a description of the various issues that most women are facing. Only a few lucky women unwittingly found the right ways to enjoy the complete devotion of their loved one.

If your love is unconditional and you’re doing everything you can to make sure he’s happy, though your happiness isn’t his priority, the answer you need maybe His Secret Obsession.

How To Get Your Ex Back? Here Is What You Can Do Today


how to get your ex backThe book is trying to give a better understanding of how to get your ex back. Any woman can improve her relationship of love and strengthen her marriage. The book explains the steps clearly and briefly to enable women who read it to practice the theory and get the best result as expected.

His Secret Obsession gives the way to attract any man so you will be his obsession in love. You can read the explanation and try to practice all the things stated in the book for 60 days. If the answer doesn’t work, you can take your money back. The practical explanation of the book is for all types of situations.

For example, the book works for a woman who wants to win the affection of a new man who doesn’t see her yet. You can also use this book if you are in the falling apart stage in which you can find the answer to “why the man doesn’t want to commit with you?”

This is also a book designed for women who keep texting her beloved man but the man keeps ignoring the texts. If you have a relationship problem where your beloved man looks cold and take a distant with you, just read this book and try to do the steps there.

The Role Of The Hero Instinct


After reading this book, you can understand what is known as a “hero instinct.” You will attract your beloved man if you know how to build a hero instinct, and his heart will be yours. As a result, you will be his greatest passion, and forever and ever you will be his true love.

The Role Of The Secret Signal


This book also gives you more understanding of the secret signal. By understanding this secret signal, it seems that you will recognize your beloved man to get your ex back

His Secret Obsession gives you 12 simple texts you could send to your beloved man. When both of them understand the secret signal, the condition will be not the same anymore. Your beloved man will realize that you are the best and the one.

Now, in his love story, you are his biggest obsession. Including the glimpse word, attraction signal, silent action signal, IOU signal, damsel in distress signal, private island signal, and an ex-back signal is the secret signal. The book completely explains all these hidden messages and it’s easy to understand so you can practice it instantly and master the ways of how to get your ex back.


How Does His Secret Obsession Work?


This eBook is not your regular How-to manual. His Secret Obsession was created from the psychological analysis of real and countless relationships as well as the proven techniques which changed the lives of many happy couples.
The His Secret Obsession program works on multiple fronts as there are a lot of triggers & techniques which make you the sole thing he ever wanted.

how to get your ex back

1. It accesses the ego and insecurities of a man. 

2. Twelve secret words, flip a switch within his subconscious mind.

3. It transforms liking to love.

4. His emotions & intimate desires are aroused to such an extent that he will cleave to you.

5. It creates an immense desire for you and nothing else.

6. It decodes psychological triggers, whilst subconsciously locking your man’s attraction onto you at your first interaction.


“Fascinating Signal”
It is a powerful technique that will make him beg for more.
“The Secret Currency”
This unique technique will ensure that your relationship can go in one direction, while your emotional deposits are building up.
“The X-Ray Question”
It is a creative method to solve your problems. You can ask him about anything you want to talk about
“Unlock His Deepest Desires and Passion”
You will be the only one who can satisfy his hunger.
The Silent Action:
You are the only woman who exists in his eyes. He won’t notice other women, whilst focusing all his attention on you!

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  1. Taking into account the incredible and life-changing potential it presents, it is very accessible.
  2. It provides you with a deeper knowledge to make your relationship more stable, valued and happy.
  3. Whatever your dominant relationship status, it ensures that your partnership is turned into the kind of relationship you want.
  4. It helps you to instantly connect with your guy and ignite love as you’ve never felt before.
  5. Together with a caring & loving partner, you will live a happy life that is more devoted to you than to his personal goals.
  6. This eBook comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days!
  7. It’s a well-written guide, but easy to understand. This guide provides step-by-step advice on how to get your ex back that anyone can follow. Using your laptop or mobile device, you can read His Secret Obsession’s excellent guide while 24/7 support is available if you need help.

The Cons

  1. Only available in digital format. You can get the PDF, Audio & Video from anywhere with instant access
  2. It can only be used by women on men. Unfortunately, it can’t be used on women.
  3. His Secret Obsession methods are all established. But, to implement and use them effectively, you will need to be careful. Both strategies will need to be rehearsed in advance while tweaking them to match the psychological profile of your guy and improvise if appropriate!



Without a question, His Secret Obsession presents as an excellent program containing comprehensive strategies on how to get your ex back. It contains positive photos as well as custom-made audio & video content to equip you with the necessary tools to be a man’s heart owner & a lifetime filled with love and passion.
However, it is no silver bullet and will ultimately depend on your commitment and patience in following these techniques, using them intellectually in real-life scenarios.

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