How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube?



How Much Money Can You Make On YouTubeHave you ever wondered why YouTube content creators spend days and weeks making and editing videos? Do they just do it to entertain you, or do they get any other benefits from YouTube videos? If so, how much money can you make on youtube?

They are not doing any type of community service; instead, they generate passive income from YouTube. Yes, you can make money on YouTube, but how much can you make, that depends upon many things.

YouTube content creators upload their videos on YouTube, and then millions of viewers watch their videos across the globe. There are high chances that you have recently watched a YouTube video in the last 24 hours. Haven’t you seen your favorite show or video gameplay on YouTube?

Can You Make Money On YouTube?


Even in 2020, many people think that online earning is just a scam. If they could see the earnings of YouTube stars, they will start hating their jobs. YouTube content creators and bloggers make millions of dollars online. Their monthly income can easily cross the annual income of any 9-5 job holders with a good salary.

You can make money on YouTube, and millions of YouTube publishers are already earning with their videos. Becoming a successful YouTuber in 2020 is not easy as there is fierce competition involved, and you have to present something unique for the audience. If you think that your content is engaging enough, you can make money on YouTube.

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube?


Everyone interested in having a YouTube channel is asking this question, and the answer can sometimes be pretty complicated. There is no such rule to exactly define the earning from any YouTube channel. The earning capacity of any content creator depends upon the business that is being targeted by the videos.

The amount of money generated from YouTube videos is different for every creator. Some are making millions, while some are stuck with $5 per day. What are the criteria for estimating the earning from the YouTube channel?

There is no official formula or tool by YouTube to calculate the amount of money that you can make from views of subscribers, but many experts have conducted experiments about a few things. Using different statistics and other tactics, they have found some rough calculations that can help to guess earning.

How Much Do You Earn Per View?


How Much Money Can You Make On YouTubeHow much money can you make per view on your YouTube video? According to the sources, any regular video creator makes $0.01 to $0.03 per view. The overall average income per view on YouTube is almost $0.18.

These figures are not exact, and the actual earning can be different. This earning potential per view depends upon many factors, like:

  • Total number of views on YouTube video
  • The total click on the video
  • Quality of the ad
  • Length of the YouTube video


How Much Money Can You Make Per 1000 YouTube Views?


If we consider the above-given average income per ad view, YouTubers can make $15-$18 per 1000 views. The revenue per 1000 views from AdSense only is about $3-$5. For the top YouTubers, per 1000 views, income can be higher than $5 from AdSense only.

Even if you are not ready to invest your full time in making videos, you can take YouTube content creation as a side hustle. Several professionals use the YouTube platform to teach other professionals, and they are making good money too.

How Much Money Can You Make Per Subscriber?


If some channel has millions of subscribers, but the channel is not monetized, it will make zero pence from YouTube. Subscribers are useless, and views are also of no use if you have not monetized your channel. There are many other ways to make money from YouTube, but without monetization, you cannot make money with ads.

Subscribers don’t guarantee the earning, and the income from YouTube does not depend upon the number of subscribers. However, more subscribers mean that your channel has higher engagement, yet YouTube earning is not associated with subscribers. These subscribers are the users who want to get easy access to your content.

It is a vague statement to define the earning of any YouTube channel based on subscribers on YouTube. Subscribers are those people who are interested in your content. Eventually, they will engage with your videos, and you will get more views and clicks.

You can easily say that more subscribers mean more money, but there is no direct connection between earning potential and the number of subscribers.

How Much Money Can You Make Per Youtube Video?


The amount of money per YouTube video is also associated with many factors. Not every YouTube video generates the same amount of money. Even every video on the same channel makes a different amount of money for the creator. Total earning from a video depends upon:

  • Total views on the video
  • Number of Google Ads shown on in the video
  • Length of the video
  • Engagement and the type of video topic

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTubeIf we use the estimated earning per view, an average video with 1,000,000 views should make $5,000. This formula mostly does not work for all. Especially in some Asian countries, the CPC is very low, which means they are getting less than $0.03 per view.

Even if we consider $5,000 a month, YouTube is way better earning source than the regular job. The average monthly income from YouTube is more than the average salary in any sector of professional life.

YouTube earning keeps increasing with the investment of the businesses. If they pay more for any specific keyword, you will earn more by making a video about that specific keyword. For the influencers with millions of views and subscribers, earning per video can be higher than the said amount. These are just raw estimations based on the calculations made by the professionals.

What Are The Requirements To Start Making Money From YouTube?


A few years back, there were no hard rules for the AdSense monetization. YouTubers could start money after the approval. Recently, YouTube introduced the update according to which not every YouTube channel can make money or get approval for Google AdSense.

Here are some requirements by the YouTube Partner Program that every channel must fulfill to make money from YouTube:

  • Minimum 1,000 real subscribers
  • Get 4,000-hours watch time from real human users.
  • Apply for the Google AdSense Program
  • Get approval for the Google AdSense.
  • Show Google Ads on YouTube videos.

The content creator only gets 68% of the revenue generated from the YouTube video. It means that if some vide made $100, the content creators will only get $68. The revenue share is different from other ad networks. Even at this rate, people are making a handsome amount from YouTube.

How Much Money Top YouTubers Make?


If you want to know about the earning potential of YouTube, you can analyze the top YouTubers’ earnings. Here are some insights about the earning of the top YouTubers and how much they are really making from their YouTube channels.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is one of the most famous YouTuber with millions of subscribers. Almost every video of his channel goes viral and stays in the trending section at the top positions. He has 22.2 million subscribers, and he started his YouTube career just five years back.

According to the Forbes report, Logan Paul made $14.5 million in 2018, and he made almost $21.5 million in 20219. The earning potential of his channel is growing.

Alpha Male

Alpha Male is a channel for the style guides, and he has more than 6 million subscribers. He is not only making money from YouTube videos with ads, but he also has his personal grooming brand that he promotes in his videos.

He is also making millions of dollars from his channel by selling products and showing Google Ads.


PewDiePie is probably the biggest channel managed by a single YouTuber. He makes videos of himself playing games. He is one of the best YouTubers of all time and has 106 million subscribers. PewDiePie made almost $70 million in 2019 from his YouTube channel.

Jeffree Star

She is a makeup model with almost 17.4 million subscribers and has a significant influence on her audience. Her channel is not the only stream of income; she has her personal cosmetics brand too. According to a report, she made $18 million from ads on YouTube and $2 million by selling cosmetics products.  

Jake Paul

He is Logan Paul’s brother, and both are very successful on YouTube. He has 20.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and made more than $21.5 million annually in the last few years. Apart from the Google ads, he is earning from selling his merchandise products.

Ways To Make Money On YouTube

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube

Google AdSense is the most common method to earn money on YouTube, but that’s not all. There are many other creative ways to make money online with YouTube.

You cannot solely depend upon Google AdSense or another monetization channel. When you have more options to make money from YouTube channels, you don’t have to worry even in case of AdSense suspension.

Drive Traffic To Your Site Or Blog

If you have a professional blog or site, you can use your YouTube channel as a way to bring traffic. You can make videos for YouTube channel regarding the products or services that you are promoting on the blog.

When people find your videos entertaining, they would like to know more. That’s where you will drive them to your blog or site.

Promote Products On YouTube Channel

If you are serious about making money on YouTube, there are countless opportunities for you. You can promote and sell physical or digital products on YouTube. People are making money by selling eBooks and other guides.

Even if you don’t have your products to promote, you can ask other businesses to promote their products. You will add the purchase link in the video description so the user can buy the product easily.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to earn money online. Many successful bloggers are making millions with affiliate marketing. You can adapt the same technique to make money on YouTube by promoting the product in exchange for the commission.

Every marketer or YouTube video content creator is assigned a unique affiliate link. You can promote that product on your channel and then offer the affiliate link. If the users buy products from your affiliate link, you will earn some fixed commission from the sales.

Become A YouTube Influencer

If you are good at something and you can influence the audience, YouTube is the best way to use your skills. Businesses and other organizations will pay you big amounts to have you on their event and other launches.

They will also hire your services to promote their products. Many tech reviewers get expensive gifts from the brands.

Sell Your Online Course

Can you teach any skill to your audience? YouTube is a great way to advertise your skills by taking online courses. If the viewers like your content, you can redirect them to the course page to enroll in your paid courses and tutorials.

Should You Start YouTube Channel?


As you have gone through some tempting figures, you might feel attracted to start your own YouTube channel. Should you start the YouTube channel in 2020? It’s never too late, and if you are serious about making money on YouTube, you should make a YouTube channel. 

One thing must be clear that it is going to take time, and you need to patient. If you have the passion and the expertise to sell your thoughts and views on YouTube, you can be a successful YouTuber.

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