A Video Editing App – Video App Suite Review – 2020



Best Video Editing App Kit


Video App Suite is a video editing app with unique video technology, that includes in one dashboard 8 cutting-edge video apps! Unlike all online package offers, you can resell the 8 high-quality apps as your own with a video app suite and retain 100% of the sales! All marketing materials, including sales websites, web videos, and more, are done-for-you!

Would you like to go beyond just creating and selling amazing client videos? Would you like to stop calling cold, chasing customers for payments and all the trouble that comes with running an agency? Are you dissatisfied with the time-consuming method of supplying customers with services/videos? If your reaction to any of the above is yes, you’ll want to use their company kit Turnkey SaaS!

Start selling 8 high-quality video apps digitally and the team will manage and host them! All you need to do is add your own payment buttons to tomorrow’s sales pages and start selling the top-quality apps – and keep 100% of the profits! The best part is that you can even create unlimited videos for yourself and your customers using the 8 apps included and sell them on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or directly for sweet monthly profits to customers!

Having your own products is the best way to become an “influencer” or market leader in your niche! There is no quicker way to build your brand and generate real sales and profits that are 100 percent YOURS than affiliate commissions! You get all you need! Including a website that is professionally built, professional sales pages, sales videos, marketing materials, and much more! They also provide detailed, step-by-step guidance and case studies in the real world, leaving nothing to chance.

Even if you don’t yet have a list or traffic, they’re going to show you exactly what to do to generate sales and start earning! Video App Suite Introduction The Only Video Production and Turnkey SAAS Business Kit You’ll Need!




Best Money Making App


  • Commercial License – Make UNLIMITED images for your customers and keep 100% of the income you produce. Build any kind of video in minutes, can you imagine? Build Intros, Outros, Facebook Video Covers, Instagram Photos, Video Mockups, Whiteboard Images, Slideshows, Video Ads, ALL IN ONE Dashboard 
  • Turnkey Business Box – You can now ‘RESELL these 8 world-class software apps’ as your own for the first time ever and keep 100% of the revenue. You also get 8 completely crafted websites, videos for sales, marketing materials to start selling right out of the door! The best aspect is that you can replace expensive monthly subscriptions with the flexible apps included in the Inside Video App Pack.

Rest assured that a video editing app technology will continue to improve and grow in the future. The developers are committed to keeping up with future technologies and technical changes as necessary to keep the performance of all applications optimum! And don’t forget that you can easily access any video from virtually any browser on your Video App Suite dashboard, with nothing to download or install – ever! Best Of All, at a one-time price incredibly low, starting at less than $6 per download! During this exclusive introductory offer, it is available – which only lasts 7 days! Have instant access right now to the Video App Suite.




  • The Year’s Biggest Software Deal (Limited Time): Video App Suite video marketing features eight brand new world-class video apps worth thousands within ONE dashboard. Intro Outro Professional, Cover Pro, Live Mockup, SlideMachine, StoryMonarch, Whiteboard, Custom Video Fx, Camera Advertising Architect. There is NOTHING in the industry like this. This has become a BESTSELLER, it’s no joke!
  • HUGE Money Savings: Replace expensive video applications with the eight powerhouse tools included with the Inside video editing app pack.
  • In a matter of minutes, create any video you could imagine. Create professional intros, outros, Facebook video covers, stories from Instagram, video mockups, whiteboard videos, slideshows, more video ads from one dashboard!
  • Unlimited commercial license: no limits exist. Build yourself or your customers’ professional photos. Sell videos for top dollar to consumers online and offline!
  • Industry “First” – Turnkey Business Box: You can resell the 8 mobile apps for the first time and start your own software business and keep 100% of the revenue! You get sales pages, videos for sales, and step-by-step training to start your own profitable software business and start selling TODAY!
  • Step-by-step Traffic & Sales Training: The Video App Suite is filled with training on how to drive and deliver traffic to your images. Better still, there is also instruction on how to resell and start selling the 8 mobile devices!
  • TOTAL Market Domination: Armed with state-of-the-art video innovations, any market you reach can be DOMINATED, and the competition crushed. Save time and money; get more results in less work!
  • All Video Creation Problems SOLVED: With Video App Suite, with the videos, you make on a shoestring budget, you too can get results like the gurus!
  • A high-quality, royalty-free onboard music library that can easily be attached to any video you make!
  • Easy upload of music, voice, and other soundtracks of your own!
  • Easy to upload your images (with the size/crop option) and include video clips in any application you make!
  • Custom color picker with a range of palettes, so you can accurately get the color and look you want for your videos on any item you make!
  • Sales Pages / Sales Videos – produced with 25 + years of combined experience by world-class copywriters, designers, and marketers – are completely unparalleled online by anyone else.
  • Ready-made video models to make it easy to build video and click with ZERO experience.
  • Watermark – Protect your videos from fraud and only produce the final videos when your customers receive payments.
  • Limitless Customization: Customize pictures, history, colors, logos, and audio to compete!





  • All the 8 cloud-based video apps included in the Video App Suite are filled with awesome ready-made video templates that you can customize in minutes to create amazing videos.
  •  You can sell the videos they make to clients for $300 to $500 each, OR they can resell the apps as their own and use the “Business Box” license to launch their own software business!
  • Application #1–Intro Outro Expert App–Using ready-made video models to create professional and eye-catching intros and outro videos in minutes. It’s established that video intros and outros grab publicity, get more interaction and views, all while making you look more professional. We also give a high-end feeling to the video!
  • Application #2–Cover Pro App–Create covers (not images) for Facebook VIDEO. Video covers are proven to drive Facebook engagement and sales and make you look like an authority!
  • Application #3–Live Mockup App –Add to live moving scenes your logos and pictures. Like no other video format, these videos attract attention and produce incredible results. Fit for social media to attract the brand’s attention!
  • Application #4–SlideMachine App–Create slide videos, modify components, add text and images to create bright new videos!
  • Application #5–StoryMonarch App–easily create story videos from Instagram and Facebook. This is the hottest social media video format right now!
  • Application #6–Whiteboard App–Build whiteboard style “video advertising” videos in minutes using models done-for-you.
  • Application #7–Video Ads Architect App–Build square video ads on social platforms that are common. Such videos provide mobile users with a better viewing experience, generating more purchases and clicks!
  • Application #8–Custom Video FX App–Upload an existing video to the app, add text effects, lower thirds, and animations to create custom animated videos to meet customer requirements. You can also convert them for social media into landscape, square, portrait / vertical videos. This is for users who want to spice up their current videos and turn amazing high-quality videos into dull videos!




  • What video editor do YouTubers use?
  • Is there a guarantee for money-back? Absolutely! You get a full 30-day money-back guarantee that you don’t ask questions. Tell us for a trouble-free refund if you are not pleased.
  • How many apps are in the suite? With either Video App Suite license, you get a total of 8 fully licensed and fully functional cloud apps. Whether you buy the Turnkey Business Kit, you’ll also get marketing materials, website, video sales, and more to help you resell the devices like your own and retain 100 percent of your income!
  • Does both Windows / Mac function? The Video App Suite dashboard is 100% cloud-based, which ensures that any operating system will work. To access all the features within ONE dashboard, all you need is an internet connection — nothing for download, nothing for upgrading.
  • Are planning and tech support available step-by-step? Absolutely. Absolutely! We also offer full step-by-step training, which leaves nothing to chance, even if you’re a total newbie without a list or traffic. If you opt for the Turnkey Business Kit, you can also receive intensive training to resell your products quickly!
  • Will the future update of the Video App Suite? Definitely! They are committed to ensuring that their team of developers and programmers regularly update all of the applications included. All future updates are available free of charge, without any additional costs!
  • Can I upload to the Video App Suite my own photos, videos and audio? Finally, with your own content, you can add your own photos, audio, voice-over to all the apps and customize your videos. You can also upload your old videos and spice them up, create long-form videos of any length using their Custom Video FX software. All of your imported images are AUTOMATICALLY resized to suit the videos, so no external programs are required!
  • What’s that Unique about it? Unlike all the other online software bundle deals, you can now also use the Turnkey Business package to RESELL these world-class video apps as your own. We provide the sales pages, videos for sales and the training you need to start sales quickly!
  • Does the included Video App Suite have a Commercial / Agency License? YES, all of the apps come with a FULL commercial license to sell the videos you make to your customers for $300 to $500 each and receive top dollars.



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