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Secure Online Shopping


credit card fraudShopping online is what most people, if not all, would want to because most of the online shopping saves on time. Goods may somehow be cheaper compared to any other shopping method. How to shop online safely? How to avoid credit card fraud? 

There are some safety measures you need to consider to make sure you do not fall into the wrong hands.

Buy Safely Online And Avoid Credit Card Fraud


Online shopping has become a regular duty to people for the past few years. Online platforms like Jumia and Amazon have become customers’ preference because of their convenience and flexibility. However, there are real risks in online shopping that require you to consider taking security measures to protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Fraudsters will always tend to barge into the less secured platforms, trying to access your private information and use it to steal from you. These calls for you to get necessary security measures that will protect you from those swindlers. Below is how you need to ensure that you buy you good safely when using online;

Trust Secured Websites


credit card fraud

Many websites across the world offer online shopping services to their customers. However, for you to be sure that you are secured, the website should have Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) to enhance security. HTTPS is a system meant for transferring data over the internet. 

Therefore, it will ensure that your confidential information is well secured. Your safety depends on how well the website you are using is protected and how ready they are to ensure that you won’t be easy prey for hackers.  

Pay with Credit, not Debit Cards


If you prefer shopping online, then you should never use debit cards to pay for your goods. They are less secure and thus making it easy for them to access your account. The convenient method to pay for your products is by using credit cards that cannot be hacked easily by fraudsters. 

Make your credit card private property; you can never know if people around you are after accessing your account. Credit card frauds occur not only online, but around you as well, they are just waiting for a chance to get to know your account information and boom, they take control.

Don’t Purchase on Public Network – Avoid Credit Card Fraud


credit card fraud

Wi-Fi is something many people love, and they would do anything to get to where it is. How would you pay for Wi-Fi when it is free somewhere? However, people fail to know that personal information like passwords and credit cards need to stay private, but when they appear on a public network, it is elementary to access them.

Moreover, when it comes shopping, you should always go for private networks that are more secured rather than free ones just because of its free Wi-Fi services. Remember, your security must be costly for you to get to protect your private and confidential information. Therefore, learn to say NO to public networks.


Use Different Passwords


In cases where you have more than one website, you need to create multiple passwords to cater to each. But so many people tend to get lazy when it comes to this because they are afraid of forgetting them. Creating one password for multiple websites is risky, making it easy for fraudsters to control your accounts.

Furthermore, if you are online, you need to change your passwords regularly, this will be a good idea, and it will make it hard for hackers to access your account. It is also essential to mix up letters when creating a password, i.e., using capital and alphanumerical, which makes it hard to guess or forge.

Common Sense


As much as it may look funny to you, it is imperative to use your common sense to protect yourself from online scammers and credit card fraud. 

Those precautions include:

  • You should always log out of your website immediately you are through with shopping to avoid credit card fraud.
  • Never share your private information with people you do not trust completely.
  • Always delete your browser history in case you used a computer with access to lots of people.
  • Do not attempt to enter your private information on a website that looks suspicious; these calls for you to trust the website you want to use.
  • You should not save your passwords on your computer, learn to keep them on memory.
  • Enter your pin in privacy away from crowds because you can never know what’s in their minds.

Lastly, you should never be left behind when it comes to securing yourself from fraudsters. Be careful and shop safely.

Tips To Avoid Credit Card Fraud And Safe Online Shopping


Since a lot of transactions made online will tend to be uneventful. The tips below can keep you safe when you are shopping online.

credit card fraudUse Familiar Website To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Many people buy online for different reasons, and the selection of goods from online is also mind-blowing. You purchase online because commodities are cheap, and others do because the services offered are affordable, not to forget that free delivery also makes them do online shopping. Furthermore, in this period where COVID has affected many people, it is safer to shop online.

The number of fraudsters on websites should not be something that will keep you from shopping online. All you need to do is use websites that are familiar because your security is essential. Therefore you should not fail to use your common sense on a crucial thing when you buy online. When you follow every rule, you will be able to shop safely.

Do Not Overshare

You should know that online shopping requires your security number to be able to buy the goods you desire. When you immediately put your credit card number on the limelight, the scammers will not hesitate to use them to access your account. Therefore if it is okay with you, quit giving out your personal information because many sites get hacked every time, and this might endanger you.

Check Statements Regularly

Do not wait for a shocking to come, for you to react. You are supposed to be checking online regularly to ensure that your credentials are safe from scammers. The only means of payment when shopping online is by credit cards. Fraudsters tend to have access to your bank when using debit cards.

Moreover, if you see something suspicious with your account, make sure you attend to it immediately to avoid credit card fraud, to be sure that the charges are accurate. However, if anything goes wrong, you should notify the bank or else you will be responsible for the costs. 

Inoculate Your Computer

Creating security for a computer is something many people find very difficult to do without knowing that the same security can keep them away from swindlers. Additionally, it is appropriate to pay for a full package of a security suite with antivirus software. 

This process will help in fighting attacks from websites or swindlers who are trying to steal your personal information. Furthermore, you can always upgrade your anti-malware tools to prevent new threats from reaching you.

Let your security be a priority and a thing that you will continuously practice to keep you from fraudsters who are just waiting to access your account when they find a chance. Shopping online will also be safe when you know that you are the only one who can open your account.

Skip the Card, Use the Phone

Paying for goods with your credit card may be challenging, especially when you are in a crowd, and you need to pay for your products. With this, somebody can quickly get your password without your knowledge. However, there is the best option for you, smartphone, who does not have a smartphone in this digital world? None.

Paying for your goods using a smartphone is standard and is even secure compared to any other form of payment. If you are in places that can accept phone-based payment, then do not hesitate to use them. Google Pay and Apple Pay are there to make you have a successful payment. You just need to put your fingerprints.  

Check All Your Purchases To Avoid Credit Card Fraud  

Not all sellers can be trusted when it comes to online shopping. Some actually might be tricking you into giving them your personal information. Therefore, if you are aware of the site you are using for your shopping, quit it immediately before they plunk down your credit card numbers.

That said –make sure that you have a concrete address or phone number for your seller to be sure that things will not be bad for you. If, in any case, they do, then you someone you can go and make your complaint. A point to note before you order for your goods make sure you inform them first so that you can clarify a return policy.      

Benefits of Shopping Online


Technology has made work more manageable in our daily lives. Almost everything is just clicking. For instance, shopping has become very easy due to the online shopping that started a few years ago. It has also changed the way people can shop. The most important part of it is, it operates non-stop. Below are some benefits of shopping online;

It provides cheaper rates

Online shopping gives products at better rates than other forms of buying goods due to their continuous supply of affordable products. Besides, it helps in cutting down the expenses that you would have had to spend. Similarly, it also provides you with free delivery, something many people fear spending on.

It offers a variety of commodities

It provides shoppers with more variety of goods. You can order any brand of the item you desire to have. Moreover, online shopping is not limited, and you can always visit an international store to have what you want to.

They are convenient

Convenience is the most famous park in online shopping. Why is it comfortable? It gives you the pleasure of shopping at any store so long as it suits your home’s comfort needs. Additionally, the shopper does not have to stand long queues to buy; online shopping can only take a few minutes.

They are Prone to Sending Gifts

You have seen in most cases where brand wraps gifts to their products and send them to their customers. It has also made it easy for you as it does the packaging and shipping for their customers.

No Pressure

For your information, online shopping is free of pressure. People end up buying unnecessary goods and tend to regret later for spending their money. Most of the time, when purchasing products from conventional shopping, you can never get these benefits. Lastly, online shopping is the best place you can do your shopping.


Control is something vital because you can put everything into power. Therefore, online shopping tends to be under control because no planning is required before shopping commences. Online shopping has a more relaxed environment compared to the traditional form of shopping.

How to Avoid Scam and Credit Card Fraud



Sign up for free scam alerts

You can choose to sign up for free alerts to help get information and advice concerning scams in your inbox and bring them to justice.

Do not deposit a check and wire money back

Recovering fake cash is very challenging. Therefore when making deposits, make sure that you are very keen. If, in any case, your deposit comes out to be fake, then you will be responsible for it, and you will be required to pay the bank back.

Be skeptical about free trial offers

As you all know, most companies use free trials to sign up for products and charge you until you decide to cancel it. Moreover, you need to make sure you research the company before you agree to a free trial.

Bottom Line


So, how do you find online shopping? In modern times, people quit the traditional method of shopping and started using online stores. The above information is enough to make you understand how you can protect yourself from scammers and credit card fraud if you are concerned about security. Visit only trusted websites like Amazon and eBay and feel free to start shopping.

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