Muscle Growth Boost – Program Review 2020

muscle growth

Fully Disclosed For The First Time

Military Scientists’ “Accidental” Discovery Is Allowing Men To Add An Entire Inch To Muscle Growth Of Upper Arm Size In As Little As 4 Weeks

"The First Time I Used This I Freaked Out — I Watched My Biceps Pump Up Like Popeye's Forearms On A Six Pack Of Spinach!"

muscle growth

I’m going to admit. The first time I tried this new training technique was almost terrifying. It was a massive muscle growth!

It was practically like watching a balloon pumping up my biceps. And the veins boomed like the eyes of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he hit the surface of Mars in the first Total Recall. It’s insane that my arms remained fuller and more muscular every time I used the treatment for 24 to 36 hours. And in just 4 weeks, I put a legit inch on my upper arms. And my power of the arm just kept going up.

Yet the thing I like most is that I can add this fast procedure to the end of any other workout program that I use to keep my arms increasing even if I focus on some other goal at the same time.

It’s also super simple. Let me tell you how this works and how I fell on this insane muscle growth building strategy.

How 1 Piece Of Inexpensive Equipment Adds At Least an Inch To Your Muscle Growth Of Upper Arms In 2 to 4 Weeks

Believe it or not, all you need to make this simple protocol work is some inexpensive wrist wraps or surgical tubing and about 5½ minutes…

The protocol I figured out is based on the science of managing blood flow. I’ll tell you exactly how it works and why it’s so effective in a minute.

First… Just know that researchers have shown that using this unique new training method can boost your muscle gains by as much as 30% to 300% in 2 to 4 weeks. And…

These massive gains are achieved with next to no weight so you can safely add this to your routine even if you’re injured or you already have a high workload in your regular training program.

Yet I almost missed out on this quick and powerful growth factor…

This Training Method — Developed By Military Scientists To Get Soldiers Back To Their Units ASAP — "Accidentally" Boosted Muscle Growth

During my time as a special operator in the Canadian Forces SSF program I began hearing about the groundbreaking advancements in something called blood flow manipulation. You see…

I kept running across these stories of injured soldiers who were back to their units ASAP. And they always seemed to be coming back stronger and bigger than they were before getting hurt.

At the time I remember hearing something about experimental blood flow restriction training. However, I was so busy on missions and training that I just filed it away…

muscle growth

Fast forward to the present. And I happen to team up with a new training partner. He’s finishing up his Ph.D. and he’s a national level strength and conditioning coach for Olympic athletes.

He starts talking about this weird “rehab” method he stumbled on. And how it has been adapted to use even with healthy athletes. And he can’t believe how much size and strength they are packing on!

My mental alarms go crazy and I immediately make the connection with that breakthrough blood flow management research the military had started decades ago. And it’s the same thing! So…

I start experimenting with the theories and that’s how I stumbled on the method I want to share with you today!…

Scientific Research: This Odd Blood Flow Restriction Causes A 30% to 300% Muscle Growth Acceleration In 2 - 4 Weeks

Now I’m not someone who just blindly believes all the research papers I read. However…

I’ve tested all this thoroughly. And when it’s done right — following the exact protocol I came up with — you’ll end up with results that pretty much match the research…

First of all. On the low end you’ll experience at least a 30% boost in muscle growth on your arms and your legs. That’s already pretty awesome. Yet if you’re in the hyper responders you’ll enjoy gains up to 300% faster than normal. I’ve found most guys fall somewhere in between.

Yet what’s really interesting is when we start looking at WHY the protocol works…

A lot of the magic seems to be due to increases in your male hormone levels. One 2014 study in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance showed a greater release of exercise-induced salivary testosterone using this method.

Another paper reveals increases in Human Growth Hormone as much as 290 times above baseline using the protocol. And…

According to a 2000 study published in the American Journal of Applied Physiology, these massive GH increases are not associated with the serious tissue damage you’d usually experience to get the same boost with conventional exercise.

Which is why this protocol is gaining such an underground following with elite athletes and special operators from SWAT, SSF, the Navy Seals, Delta Force and more. These guys are always looking for an edge that lets them grow without breaking them down. They just can’t afford to get sidelined by injury or even muscle tissue breakdown…

Yet the biggest benefit of this breakthrough training method is really for any guy in his 30s or older who wants the kind of arms that demand respect. You see… guys in their 30s and beyond have to deal with declining levels of essential male growth factors…

Many guys turn to expensive hormone injections or even dangerous and illegal steroids. However…

muscle growth

This Is Better Than Male Hormone Injections!

Get this… researchers have revealed that using this simple training protocol can deliver more impressive increases in GH and IGF-1 than getting expensive hormone injections!…

Along with testosterone — which has also been proven to increase with this protocol — GH and IGF-1 are the key growth factors that allow some guys to build muscle faster than others. And…

You’ll be shocked to discover how incredibly simple it is to get that same unfair advantage for yourself. You see…

My protocol simply requires you to use a simple technique to manipulate the flow of blood to your working muscle. This causes a MASSIVE accumulation of Anabolic Growth Factors AND it has even been shown to cause a shift in your muscle fiber type towards more fast-twitch fibers with higher muscle growth potential…

I've Packed Everything You Need To Add Inches To Your Arms In Just 4 Weeks Into The Brand New Specforce Anabolic Finishers Handbook:

muscle growth
muscle growth

Here's What To Expect In Your First 4-Week Muscle Growth Spurt

Now I know that I’m making some big promises here. And I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. In fact…

I fully expect you to challenge me and try my Anabolic Finishers for yourself at no risk to you. And if you don’t experience the same shocking results I’ll be glad to refund your entire investment in the system. So…

Here’s what I expect for you…

Your very first workout you’ll experience a massive “Popeye-pump” and bulging veins that will pack huge amounts of growth inducing metabolites into your muscle bellies. Then…

You’ll walk out of the gym with the biggest pump you’ve ever felt… and enjoy a fuller and more vascular look for up to 24 and even 36 hours.

And then in as little as 2 weeks and at most 4 weeks you’ll experience noticeable size increases in the circumference of your upper arms. Don’t be surprised if you add an inch to your arms in that first growth spurt…

As you continue to use the System you’ll soon find you don’t even need to “pump up” your arms to look and feel big and powerful because your extra size makes it like you’re walking around with a constant pump.

T-shirts that used to flap around your upper arms will start hugging them tight. And you’ll notice a subtle shift in your confidence as you realize other guys are glancing at your guns with respect and recognition.

Heck, you may even realize how women are subconsciously more drawn to you without them even knowing why.

That’s my guarantee to you. That’s what I want for you. And if you don’t feel like Anabolic Finishers delivers on the promise, then by all means just email me and I’ll be glad to refund every penny. In fact I’m happy for you to try it out for a full 60 days before you decide

muscle growth

The Specforce Pledge

Experience The Results You Expect Or Claim Our 100% Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee

We expect you to test every Specforce program for a full 60 days to prove every promise we make and experience the results for yourself. If for any reason you are not happy with the System simply email us and you’ll receive a 100% no-questions-asked refund at any time within those 60 days. Guaranteed.

Simple Test To Measure Your 6-Month Muscle Growth Potential

This may seem too simple. However…

Ask yourself this question?

"How Many Inches Of Muscle Growth Have You Added To Your Upper Arms In The Last 6 Months?"

You won’t like this… yet that’s exactly how much you’ll add to your arms in the NEXT 6 months if you keep doing what you’re doing now.

You’ll continue to feel like you don’t measure up when you see your arms beside other guys and feel like yours are scrawny by comparison. And…

Even though you know deep down you’re as good as those guys you’ll subconsciously place yourself below them on the “totem pole” of male status.

Even though you know deep down you’re as good as those guys you’ll subconsciously place yourself below them on the “totem pole” of male status.

Yet worst of all… you risk working out too hard, too long and just plain wrong in a hopeless ditch effort to pack some size onto your upper arms. And the most likely result is injuries and even muscle damage.

I know that’s not what you desire for yourself. And it’s definitely not what I want for you which is why I organized this system into an easy to follow protocol.

Remember it’s the same protocol that will allow you to pack on at least an inch to your arms in 2 to 4 weeks from now.

It’s the System that will give you a pump that will cause other guys at the gym to stare in open jealousy. And all the while, as you watch your arms swell like a balloon you’ll know that you’re pumping massive growth inducing metabolites into your muscles.

Every day you’ll walk out of the gym with the biggest pump of your life. You’ll enjoy filling out t-shirts that used to flap around on your upper arms. And…

You’ll be confident that other guys look at you and KNOW that you lift…

This is what I want for you. And that’s why I’m making a conditional offer for the first 1500 guys to take action on these Anabolic Finishers…

muscle growth

Every day you’ll walk out of the gym with the biggest pump of your life. You’ll enjoy filling out t-shirts that used to flap around on your upper arms. And…

You’ll be confident that other guys look at you and KNOW that you lift…

This is what I want for you. And that’s why I’m making a conditional offer for the first 1500 guys to take action on these Anabolic Finishers…

My Conditional $10 Offer For The Next 1500 Action Takers​

If you’re willing to put the Anabolic Finishers protocol through its paces. If you’re willing to endure 5½ minutes of discomfort to reap the massive unfair muscle growth advantage. If you’re one of the first 1500 guys that promise to put in the work. Then…

I’m willing to let you have the Anabolic Finishers system for a one-time, single, secure payment of only $10 — less than half the regular retail price of $29.95.

Remember this is a special pre-release offer only for serious action takers. And if you can’t answer YES to all my conditions then please do not pull the trigger. However…


If you’re in… just click the button below to secure your massively reduced price today:

Choose your plan


Regular Retail Price
$ 29 Per Month


Conditional Action-Taker Price (Limited Time Only)
$ 10 Per Month

Anabolic Finishers For Muscle Growth Of Chest And Back

You'll get the killer blueprint for Adding 16% size and strength to your chest.. That's MASSIVE. Guys… let's face it… Girls don't notice the color of your eyes on first glance. It's CHEST and ARMS and after that it's the V-Taper of your back. So this protocol has all the Pec Pumping workouts you will need that will add the perfect amount of size and shape to your chest and back in only 5 1/2 minutes with weights that are lighter than you are used to. This is perfect if you have ever dealt with injury or you like to take some time off. You will never lose your size or strength again!

Anabolic Finishers For LEGS

That’s right. You’ll get the exact blueprint for using the same growth inducing principles from Anabolic Finishers to quickly and easily add inches of rock-hard muscle to your thighs in half the time. And you’ll do it without risking injury from a high volume of heavy squats. Which is perfect for guys in their 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond.

Anabolic Muscle Meals

Reach your full growth potential by simply following this sample meal plan designed to support your training plan so you put on muscle as quickly as humanly possible. I made this meal plan super easy to follow because if you’re anything like me you’re no Chef Boyardee in the kitchen. So rest assured this is all easy to make Man Food that will keep you satisfied and maximize your growth.

P.S. – Every man must decide to either stand apart or fade into the crowd. Because I’ve been guilty of putting off that decision in the past, and because I don’t want you to make that same mistake today, just remember you have a full 60 days to experience mind blowing muscle growth for yourself, risk-free. With my “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee there’s no way you can lose…

P.P.S – Remember: just 5½ minutes at the end of your regular workout will give you as much as an extra half inch on your arms and 2 inches on your legs in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. And…

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of section 4 of this letter, the science of blood flow management has been studied by the military for decades. However…

Until now no one has put it into the kind of done-for-you protocol that ensures you get the results that guarantee the kind of muscle development that immediately announces your status as a serious lifter. Listen…

If you don’t take action today, chances are you never will. And if you come back later you may miss out on the massive Action-Takers discount you’re getting today. So if you want to add inches to your arms in as little as 4 weeks. If you want solid tree-trunk legs. If you want to finally have the kind of athletic and vascular arms that immediately signal to the world that YES… You lift! Then claim your Action-Taker status and massive 70% discount now.

Todd Lamb

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