10 Best Apps For Android Users 2020


Best Apps For AndroidThere are almost 2.9 million apps on the Android Play Store that can make your Android experience fun. Many apps are not worth having, so you have to be picky about installing the best apps for android.

There is no way you can try all of these, so you should have a list of best android apps. We did this challenging task for you and sorted out the ten best android apps for your mobile.

These top android apps are chosen based on different reviews online and the recommendation of other authority sites. Going through this list of top ten apps for Android can ease your journey with the platform.

Android Experience And Android Apps

Smartphones generally come with Android or iOS operating systems. When it comes to android devices, users love this operating system due to ease of use and availability of a wide range of apps and programs. Almost hundreds of apps serve the same purpose.

Imagine you want to download a media player, you will find hundreds of apps in this category. The same goes for almost every category, and you get 100’s of recommendations.

Usually, people search for the best apps for their smartphones, preferring applications that come with all the perks and specs. These top ten apps are tested and recommended by millions of users. 

Which Android Apps Not Included In The List?

This list of ten best android apps does not feature many famous and best apps, including:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

All of these apps are great, but almost everyone already knows about them. We always focus on value-based content, so we skipped these common android apps.

How We Arranged These Ten Best Apps For Android?

Best Apps For Android

Every user has different needs and requirements, so a single app cannot meet all of their needs. Instead of categorizing the apps, we have included the best general apps. These apps are quite useful for all users from different fields. The purpose of this list is to entertain the broad audience instead of a specific niche.

We picked these ten best Android apps according to the popularity across different platforms.

Let’s get started with the top 10 android apps to have in your phone in 2020:

1. Nova Launcher


Best Apps For Android

  • Play Store Rating: 4.6

  • Total App installs – more than 50 million

Samsung has a pretty amazing UI and UX. Apart from stock android, different mobile manufacturers keep adding their animations and other options for a better experience. All the screens and transitions that you see on the mobile screen are managed with the launcher.

If you are not happy with the appearance of the current android phone, you can customize the theme with 3rd party launchers. Nova Launcher is considered as the best android launcher as ranked by different reviewing platforms.

Why Nova Launcher?

Among all other android launchers on Play Store, Nova is the fastest and the smoothest. There are unlimited options for customizations and built-in icon packs that you can use for almost all apps.

Who Should Install Nova Launcher?

This android launcher is perfect for all users. Whether you have Samsung or any other brand, Nova launcher can make your device a lot more enjoyable and fun to use.

2. Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard


Best Apps For Android

  • Play Store Rating: 4.4

  • Total App installs – more than 500 million

Basic keyboard applications in Android don’t offer many customizations and flexibility. You cannot choose attractive themes, and many users need a lot more than these basic options. Swiftkey is an AI-based best keyboard application by Microsoft with some intelligent features to make writing a lot easier and smoother.

Why Swiftkey?

The system keeps tracking your daily keystrokes to suggest relevant phrases and keywords. These predicted words make writing a lot faster and efficient. This top-rated android application contains all the necessary features like theme customizations, themes, adjustable keyboard size, and other advanced features.

These days, GIFs are pretty fancy, so you will find a built-in search engine for animations and GIFs. There are several language options, too, as the target customers are not only the English speaking folks.

Who should Install Swiftkey Keyboard?

Swiftkey Keyboard is one of the most installed android apps and aims to facilitate users who type a lot. If you frequently chat with your friends or clients, you should try Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard.

3. MX Player


Best Apps For Android

  • Play Store Rating: 4.4

  • Total App installs – more than 500 million

Almost every smartphone owner uses android media players. We spend a lot of time listening to music and watching videos. Most Android manufacturers’ built-in players offer basic options, like playing videos or listening to music. MX Player is one of the most famous android media players with countless additional features and options that you cannot even imagine.

MX Player is not any typical media player but a complete studio where you can do a lot with your music and camera videos. It supports almost every audio and video extensions, so you don’t need to install different apps for various formats.

Why MX Player?

Any application meant to enhance the user experience should be light and fast. MX Player delivers both qualities as it is smooth and does not affect the system performance.

Who Should Install MX Player?

Anyone who likes to use an android smartphone as an entertainment device should install MX Player as it rates as the best media player for Android.

4. Express VPN


Best Apps For Android

  • Play Store Rating: 4.0

  • Total App installs – more than 10 million 

Not everyone needs this App, but using a VPN is critical for many of us, and that’s why we included this best android VPN on this list. Like Express VPN, many other top android apps are not used by many. Sometimes VPNs are used for illegal tasks; many countries have blocked several services like Netflix and PUBG.

Users need to hide their online identity to use these blocked services, and Express VPN provides the best online security when it comes to hiding your identity.

Why Express VPN?

There are many other alternative VPN applications, but Express VPN offers the best features and safety. There is a desktop version too. If you have a paid subscription of Express VPN, you can use it on all your devices.

Who Should Install Express VPN?

If you live in countries where foreign services and apps like Netflix and TikTok are banned, it’s better to have a good VPN for Android like Express VPN. If you want to hide your online identity, android VPN apps are better options.

5. Shazam


Best Apps For Android

  • Play Store Rating: 4.4

  • Total App installs – more than 100 million 

Have you ever experienced a situation where you heard some song playing in your surroundings, but you did not remember the name? Well, it happens a lot when we want to find the title of the song. You can do this with Shazam. It is an android app that can instantly recognize any sound or music playing in your surroundings.

Why Shazam?

There are not many apps that can do the same. This App is intelligent and can recognize any music or sound. You need to open the App while music is playing, and Shazam will instantly find the song title and track details for you from the internet.

Who Should Install Shazam?

The target audience of Shazam is pretty broad. Almost anyone who has a love for music and entertainment can use this App to find music. You can do a lot more with Shazam and use it as your music library too.

6. Automate


  • Play Store Rating: 4.4

  • Total App installs – more than 1 million 

There are many repetitive tasks that we perform our mobile daily. We want to automate many things around us, from connecting to home wifi to playing songs on your sound system. With the Automate Android App, you can do all of these things without writing a single line of code.

Automating your mobile seems like a hectic and complicated thing to do, the Automate Android App has made this a lot easier and user friendly.

Who Should Use Automate?

Automate is one of the best android apps for a diverse audience. Almost anyone can use this App for daily tasks. There are simple flow charts that are easy to customize as per your requirements and needs. You don’t even need any technical knowledge to make your automation.

Why Automate?

There are only a few apps on Play Store that offer such great features. The customizability is excellent, and the App can be integrated with many other apps that support automation. Once you have used this App, you will realize how comfortable you are with daily tasks on your mobile phone.

7. Zedge


  • Play Store Rating: 4.5

  • Total App installs – more than 100 million

This App has millions of wallpapers, icon packs, ringtones, and other customization options for android users. Zedge is a digital library with millions of items and contents. You can access both free and premium packs.

Who Should Use Zedge?

We all want to customize our phones. The stock icons and wallpapers are not something that we want to stick with. If you like to make your phone a lot more interactive and attractive in different ways, you should try Zedge. It ranks as one of the best android apps for wallpapers, ringtones, and icon packs.

Why Zedge?

You can use different apps for different tasks like one App for wallpapers and other for ringtones. It can make things a lot messier. Zedge combines all of these features in one place, so it’s better to access all of the elements with one App.

8. Loop Habit Tracker


  • Play Store Rating: 4.5

  • Total App installs – more than 1 million

Motivation is essential for life, and you need something that continually reminds you of your daily tasks. If sticking notes on your work desk is not working for you, install the Loop Habit Tracker Android app on your phone and make your everyday life a lot more organized and well-mannered. |

Loop Habit Tracker is used to set different smaller goals in daily routine. You can set goals like I will do 20 pushups today, and the App will keep reminding you from time to time about the plan.

Who Should Install Loop Habit Tracker?

Anyone who needs constant reminders should install Loop Habit Tracker. This App is pretty intelligent and can help you with many other tasks. If you ever feel down in your daily life, this App will suggest motivational quotes and facts that will keep you energized for the rest of the day.

Why Loop Habit Tracker?

Loop Habit Tracker is not like any other clock alarm app. You can even interact with different other users on the forum to discuss a lot of other stuff. You can consider Loop Habit Tracker as a mini social media platform with some additional features.

9. Flud


  • Play Store Rating: 4.5

  • Total App installs – more than 10 million 

Downloading torrent files on Android smartphone is not a fun thing to do. Many people find it challenging to use torrent files on the phone. Flud is a torrent-dedicated app where you can easily download different torrent files.

There are many other features that you are going to love about Flud. You can restart or stop any download at any time.

Who Should Install Flud?

Flud is the best android app for torrent users. Downloading torrent files is made a lot easier and simpler with Flud. Install this App, and you are going to love it.

Why Flud?

Instead of throwing fake download links and other stuff, you can download files that you need. There are lots of different options that increase their usability.

10. Podcast Addict


  • Play Store Rating: 4.7

  • Total App installs – more than 10 million 

The podcast is one of the most trending marketing channels right now. From brands to individual influencers, almost everyone is doing podcasts. You don’t need any expensive audio setup to start your podcast as the Podcast Addict App has everything to offer.

Who Should Install Podcast Addict?

There are thousands of other podcasts available by famous podcasters. You can get access to the massive library of podcasts with Podcast Addict. It is considered the best podcast app for Android.

Why Podcast Addict?

Podcast Addict is a paid App, but the one-time-cost is worth paying. You can listen, organize, and download different podcasts with the Podcast Addict Android app. 

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